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Improving Patient Outcomes and Staff Safety in Healthcare with RAIN RFID

Improve care, reduce costs, and increase efficiency with better management of assets and inventory, and automated systems that keep patients and staff safe.

Photo of Medical Supplies and Equipment

Enabling Healthcare

Deliver high-quality care more efficiently

Bringing Internet of Things solutions into hospitals and healthcare settings means that organizations can focus on caring for patients. Operate with confidence knowing that systems are in place to automate management of assets and inventory, track essential things like uniforms and bed linens, streamline patient care, and help keep caregivers safe. Solutions built by Impinj partners are designed to work within a healthcare setting, supporting compliance with procedures and regulations, and making the work of caring for patients easier.

Healthcare solutions
built on the Impinj platform

Asset Management

Get increased visibility into asset management for efficient resource planning

Inventory & Supply Management

Ensure staff has supplies they need, when and where they are needed

Patient Care & Experience

Reduce wait times, streamline caregiver workflow, and improve patient experience

Linen & Uniform Tracking

Track washable items, reduce loss, and match supply to needs

Photo of Homerton Unviersity Hospital NHS Foundation Trust building

Customer Story

Homerton University Hospital Saves Time and Resources with RAIN RFID

Homerton University Hospital uses RAIN RFID item tracking to increase visibility and cut down on non-essential costs. Implementing the Impinj Speedway RAIN RFID reader with Impinj partner Idox Health, the hospital increased visibility of their equipment, decreasing time spent finding items and costs associated with asset loss.

Asset Management:
Gain efficient management of assets and visibility for resource planning

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Automatically locate assets

Read thousands of items simultaneously, without line-of-sight. RAIN RFID tags are durable, low-cost, and don’t require batteries. Extend your asset management to include every valuable asset in your facility.

Replace manual tracking with automated intelligence

Automating tracking means asset availability data is always current and correct, thus eliminating slow, error-prone manual processes.

Maintain availability while lowering capital costs

With an average of 15% of hospital assets lost or stolen each year, there is a real financial cost from an inefficient asset management system. Automating asset management both improves access and reduces capital costs.


Customer Story

University Teaching Clinic Transforms Dentistry Using RAIN RFID

When a top-ranked, national dental school built their new teaching clinic, they saw an opportunity to improve student training and patient experience. They turned to a RAIN RFID solution built on the Impinj platform to collect data on key activities such as patient wait time, sterilization rate, and instrument usage.

Inventory and Supply Management:
Ensure staff has supplies they need, when and where they are needed

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Automate inventory counts for optimized supplies

Managing supplies is often a manual and error-prone process, relying on clinical staff and distracting them from their primary focus of patient care. Automate inventory counting and medication management to reduce costs, eliminate waste, and, most importantly, reduce errors that impact patients.

Eliminate waste from expired medications

Gathering and restocking supplies takes time. And managing product expirations is challenging across all locations. Save time and money with automatic, accurate data about inventory levels, identification of expiring medications, and insights that inform planning.

Improve patient charge capture

Inaccurate tracking of consumed supplies can have a direct financial impact on health systems due to incomplete charge capture for procedures. Automate identification of supplies consumed in caring for patients and ensure complete and proper charges.

Inventory and Supply Management Customer Stories

UT Medical Center Uses RAIN RFID to Manage Hospital Supplies

University of Tennessee Medical Center uses a system from Impinj partner DeRoyal to track and manage OR supplies, improve patient charge capture, and enhance patient safety. By accurately tracking the specific supplies used with each procedure, patient charge capture improved by 30%, resulting in increased reimbursement levels.

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Hanmi Uses RAIN RFID for Pharma Supply Chain Management

Hanmi Pharmaceutical in South Korea uses a solution enabled by the Impinj platform to reduce errors and gain better inventory visibility, control and stock circulation throughout their entire supply chain. Hanmi tracks 60 million product units annually, from packaging to picking and shipping, enabling an automated process from order receipt to the shipment of a packed carton to a wholesaler.

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North York Hospital Improves Operations With RAIN RFID

North York General Hospital (NYGH) wanted to ensure that their thousands of patients received the best care possible. Because of the volume of their operations, NYGH needed a better way to track and manage the medications they distributed to patients. By using a solution from Impinj partner MEPS Real-Time, North York General streamlined tracking medication deliveries that was both easy to implement and highly effective.

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Patient Care and Experience:
Reduce wait times, streamline caregiver workflow, and improve patient experience

Increase bed capacity without increasing beds

Automatically monitor patient movement and quickly notify the environmental services team when a room is ready for cleaning. Patients get checked-in faster and beds have less down time, which improves revenue capture.

Make hospitals safer for patients and staff

Monitor patient movements and access within the hospital and at exits. Get visibility into staff movements and compliance with procedures like hand washing. With better visibility, policies can be adjusted to fight the spread of infections and keep patients safe.

Reduce patient wait times for equipment and services

Ensure transport equipment and other mobile assets are always easy to find. Automated, integrated RAIN RFID systems not only reduce wait times, but increase workflow efficiency for an overall improved patient experience.


Partner Solution

Automated Patient Discharge Reduces Lost Bed Time

The automated patient flow solution from Impinj and TeleTracking accelerates hospital bed turnover to efficiently serve more patients and drive increased revenue. A patient’s exit from an area is automatically detected and environmental services staff is instantly notified to clean the room. With this real-time information, health systems can dramatically shorten bed turnover time to optimize capacity and increase hospital revenue. It can also reduce wait times for incoming patients.

Linen and Uniform Tracking:
Track washable items, reduce loss, and match supply to needs

Simplify bulk handling of laundry items

Sorting, handling and counting laundry by hand is a time consuming and inaccurate process. Laundry tagged with RAIN RFID can be identified and tracked by the client in bulk. And, as a hands-free system, it also eliminates the need for staff to touch soiled or dirty items.

Clean laundry to standard

Laundry processes are difficult to keep track of, with some pieces requiring special treatment. Data about the type of cleaning that has taken place can be encoded into the RAIN RFID tag as actions are completed to guarantee laundry is done to standard every time.

Ensure delivery to the correct customer

Because things like linens, towels, and robes, may look alike from one client to another, it can be difficult to ensure that freshly laundered items end up at the right location. Identify the origins of tagged laundry and ensure each client receives the correct linens.

Berendsen Improves Laundry Facility Efficiency with RAIN RFID

Customer Story

Berendsen Improves Laundry Facility Efficiency with RAIN RFID

Leading British-based provider of textile maintenance services, Berendsen, needed to automatically identify contaminated linens to keep staff safe and enable efficient planning. They also wanted a solution that would scale in the future to meet other project needs. The found an ideal solution from Impinj partner IdentPro to track linens and increase efficiency.



PAK Automates Laundry Textile Tracking with RAIN RFID

PAK, an industrial laundry facility located in Istanbul, Turkey, uses RAIN RFID to monitor and locate lost items with pinpoint accuracy and cut costs while reducing staff at every stage of the linen cycle. As the textiles move to and from the customers and throughout the laundry facility, the solution from Impinj partner USTEK monitors each item and updates its status in the database, simultaneously providing operational benefits like soiled/clean counts, delivery bills and package labels.

Product Authentication:
Authenticate product automatically at every stage in supply chain to ensure brand trust

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Assure product value and protect your brand

Gray markets can erode a brand’s standing, lower consumer trust, and devalue products. With the Impinj platform, you can ensure the authenticity of your brand to maintain consumer confidence in the value of individual products and uphold your company’s reputation. 

Fight counterfeiting and gray markets

Discourage return fraud and gray-market sellers, and discover how and where counterfeit goods enter the market. RAIN RFID product authentication benefits not just consumers and resellers, but the industry overall. 

Gain visibility into source and supply

Use the same technology to authenticate your products and track their movement through the supply chain. RAIN RFID can assure the authenticity of items while also providing visibility into distribution and supply chain operations.