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Impinj RAIN RFID Reader Chips—Embed Connectivity into Devices

Impinj reader chips provide a foundation for designing a wide range of smart edge devices with embedded RAIN RFID read/write capability. To simplify the development of customized RAIN RFID enabled devices and IoT solutions, Impinj partners offer a broad portfolio of highly integrated reader modules built using Impinj chips.

Impinj E900 series reader chips
  • Purpose: High-performance, enterprise-grade readers used in portals, gateways, conveyors, and warehouses

Industry-leading receive sensitivity for long read range, fast read rates, and support for next-generation RAIN tags—this chip is designed for enterprise-grade readers that identify, locate, and authenticate dense populations of tagged items quickly

Impinj E700 series reader chips
  • Purpose: High-performance handheld readers and fixed readers in shelves, cabinets, and conveyors

Superior receive sensitivity for long read range, improved read rate, and support for next-generation RAIN tags—this chip is designed for IoT devices that identify, locate, and authenticate large numbers of tagged items quickly.

Impinj E500 series reader chips
  • Purpose: Point-of-sale devices, mobile and wearable readers, smart appliances, and connected consumables

High-performance receive sensitivity for medium read range, improved read rate, and support for next-generation RAIN tags—this chip is designed for a range of IoT devices that identify, locate, and authenticate groups of tagged items quickly.

Impinj E300 series reader chips
  • Purpose: Printers, point-of-sale devices, kiosks, and security and access management systems

Good receive sensitivity for close read range, improved read rate, and support for next-generation RAIN tags—this chip is designed for IoT devices that quickly identify, locate, and authenticate individual or small groups of tagged items.


Why use Impinj RAIN RFID reader chips

The new generation of Impinj reader chips enables manufacturers to easily embed high-performance RAIN connectivity into IoT devices that are smaller in size and consume less power. As a result, Impinj partners can develop a broad portfolio of devices to support current and emerging end-customer use cases. 

  • Optimized Performance Design for IoT Devices: Empowers reading tags farther and faster
  • Small Size with Low Power Consumption: Enables the use of small factor IoT devices that are embedded with RAIN connectivity
  • Broad Portfolio of Partner IoT Devices: Empowers the selection of the right device by providing Impinj’s partner ecosystem with the design and development tools that they need to develop a range of innovative devices.

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Find Impinj-powered products from our trusted partner network

Explore RAIN RFID products from our partners—built on the Impinj platform and designed to help you solve the toughest business challenges. Impinj partners make handheld, fixed, and wearable readers, RAIN RFID printers, tags and inlays, and more. Impinj partner-built reader modules enable accelerated product development, time to market, and government certifications worldwide.

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