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Innovating IoT Solutions in Air Transportation with RAIN RFID

Across the globe, airlines and airports improve customer service and streamline operations with accurate, real-time data about bags, equipment, supplies, and more.


Automated airport systems that increase efficiency and safety for customers and teams

When airport systems operate efficiently, passengers and staff get what they need, when they need it. But when disruption hits, streamlined systems are needed more than ever. By wirelessly tracking every bag as it moves through automated systems and each essential tool or asset, RAIN RFID systems enabled by the Impinj platform speed operations, reduce errors, and eliminate manual tasks. The same tag used to connect a bag can also enable touch-free check-in and reduce contact between staff and travellers. Automating tracking tools and equipment means team members easily find and handle precisely what they need. Solutions built by Impinj partners are in use in airports across the globe.

Airline & airport solutions enabled by the Impinj platform

Baggage Tracking

Optimize baggage handling operations, improve passenger experience, and reduce bag mishandling costs

Asset Management

Automate management of tools and equipment to improve utilization and streamline maintenance. 

Baggage Tracking:
Optimize baggage handling operations, improve passenger experience, and reduce bag mishandling costs

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Increase baggage handling efficiency and reduce costs

With new visibility into the entire baggage sortation system, operators can identify congestion points and zero-in on trouble spots. The result? An efficient system that delivers both cost savings and performance while reducing flight delays.

Reduce the risk of mishandled or lost luggage

Ensure that bags arrive where and when customers do by tracking their location in real-time. Increase tracking and accountability when bags move between carriers. Bag data can be connected with airline systems so customers can view their luggage’s journey on their mobile.

Improve the passenger experience

Real-time tracking provides the transparency and visibility customers need to fly with confidence. Bag tracking solutions enabled by Impinj improve the passenger experience and increase people's confidence that both airlines and airports will get their bags where they are going, when they arrive. 


Customer Story

Newark Airport Improves Travel Experience with RAIN RFID

Newark Airport improves traveler experience and streamlines security processes using RAIN RFID for tracking baggage through security checks. With a RAIN RFID solution from Impinj partner MCS Automation, passengers experience fewer delays due to baggage getting held up during the baggage handling process. Airport employees can perform their jobs more efficiently and quickly locate delayed baggage.

Airlines and airports that have deployed RAIN RFID in their baggage tracking operations have seen 99.98% scan accuracy, leading to fewer mishandled bags.

Future Travel Experience Magazine June 2019, IATA commits to improve baggage handling through RFID and real-time tracking
Bag Scan Accuracy

Asset Management:
Automate management of airport and airline assets to lower costs, improve utilization, and reduce loss

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Reduce loss and lower costs

Gain item-level data about every asset to ensure important tools and equipment don’t get lost, misplaced, or stolen. By keeping up-to-date on your tools' whereabouts, you can reduce overall inventory levels while ensuring adequate supplies across all locations.

Get the tools you need, when and where needed

Ensure compliance with maintenance schedules and product recalls with visibility into an asset's inventory, location, and history. Enable teams with the tools and assets needed when and where there is demand. Reduce frustration across the team by enabling them to perform work efficiently.

Improve passenger and staff experience

Ensure that travelers can find items, like luggage carts and wheelchairs, when and where they need them. Deliver an automated system that streamlines the management and distribution of assets and automates maintenance, tracking, and replenishment notifications.

Passengers in a terminal standing in front of windows

Customer Story

Heathrow Improves Traveler Experience with RAIN RFID

Heathrow Airport, one of the world’s busiest airports, needs to have luggage carts available for use by visitors. The airport wanted to gather data on luggage cart usage to improve customer experience and operational efficiency of airport staff. Heathrow Airport deployed a pilot project using RAIN RFID technology provided by Impinj partner Vero Solutions.