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Protect Brands from Counterfeiting with RAIN RFID Product Authentication

Fight counterfeits and gray markets with fast, automated verification that a product is genuine and that the supply chain is secure.


Authenticate products automatically, in real-time

Counterfeit products erode the value of a brand, waste valuable resources, and can be dangerous. Brand protection solutions built by Impinj partners automatically authenticate items as they travel through various points in the supply chain, helping companies protect their brands and build customer trust. These solutions can extend the value of existing RAIN RFID systems and enable real-time product authentication for a wide range of products and materials such as textiles, plastics, metals, ceramics, and glass. 

Impinj Authenticity protects items from counterfeiting

Tag Products

Attach RAIN RFID tags with Impinj cryptographic key to products and materials. 

Read Products

Use Impinj-enabled RAIN RFID readers to identify items at various points in the supply chain. Tag information is verified against a product database in the cloud.  

Authenticate Products

Automatically confirm the authenticity of every product. Prevent counterfeits from entering the supply chain, protect brand value, and ensure consumer safety. 


Impinj Authenticity powers product authentication solutions

The Impinj Authenticity™ solution engine cryptographically authenticates products as genuine to prevent counterfeits, ensure product safety, and secure the supply chain. Impinj Authenticity provides:  



Impinj Among Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies

We are thrilled to be recognized by Fast Company for our Impinj Authenticity solution engine, which allows companies – from manufacturers to distributors– to verify that any individual item they make, transport, and sell is genuine. 

Verify product authenticity in retail, supply chain and logistics, and healthcare


Protect high-value brands for fragrances, shoes, handbags, watches, and other items. 

Supply Chain & Logistics

Combat gray markets by confirming the authenticity of products in the supply chain. 


Protect patients from dangerous counterfeit medications, equipment, and devices. 

Retail organizations build customer trust via brand protection

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Remove counterfeit and gray-market products

Quickly and automatically check the authenticity of products in real-time.  

Extend the value of existing RAIN RFID investments

RAIN RFID readers at conveyors, dock doors, or other transition points can ensure authenticity verification throughout the supply chain. 

Operate at peak efficiency

Increase efficiency by eliminating the need to unpack and manually inspect or scan individual items.

Measuring the cost and impact of counterfeits

Text showing '$460B+ of counterfeits annually' indicating the high cost of counterfeit goods globally          Infographic showing that 5.8 percent of European Union imports are counterfeit or fakeInfographic showing a 25 percent increase in illicit medicines since 2019 against a dark background
source:  OECD/EUIPO (2021), Global Trade in Fakes: A Worrying Threat, Illicit Trade, OECD Publishing, Paris

Supply chain and logistics companies seamlessly confirm authenticity at scale

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Defend brand equity

Enable brand owners and their customers to seamlessly confirm the authenticity of products throughout the supply chain. 

Protect revenue

Stop counterfeits from entering the supply chain by leveraging RAIN RFID to quickly and accurately read hundreds of tagged products per second. 

Identify and respond to trends

Spot patterns in product movement  and respond where counterfeit or gray market products enter. 



Learn how product authentication works at enterprise speed and scale

How exactly does product authentication work at scale? What are the challenges that companies face? What are the different authentication technologies? This white paper takes a deep dive into the world of product authentication; comparing platforms, outlining pros and cons, and explaining the technology in simple terms, charts, and graphics.

Healthcare companies reduce risk and comply with regulations

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Secure intellectual property

Maintain visibility of valuable products throughout the supply chain. Automate alerts if an inauthentic product is detected. 

Achieve regulatory compliance

Use globally accepted, commonly used product-tracking technology to meet regulatory requirements for product traceability.  

Protect consumer safety

Prevent counterfeit circulation, which can lead to recalls, legal actions, and erosion of consumer trust.