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Enabling Digital Transformation with RAIN RFID Solutions for Retail

Gain confidence knowing the location of every item with up to 99% accurate inventory data across stores and distribution centers.

Shelves of merchandise in a store window


Drive sales, streamline operations, delight customers

Without accurate inventory data, retailers operate in the dark. Impinj connects retail inventory to enterprise retail systems—enabling visibility into every item across the supply chain, distribution centers, and stores. With this new visibility, retailers can replace assumptions with observations, estimates with actuals, and confusion with certainty. Together with our partners, Impinj enables retailers for success.

Retail solutions
built on the Impinj platform

Inventory Management

Automate inventory counting for powerful insights into operations

Loss Prevention

Gain advanced protection and heightened visibility into all loss events

Automated Checkout

Enable touch-free, hassle-free checkout and seamless returns

Supply Chain Automation

Achieve full visibility and control with accurate, automated high-speed systems

Omnichannel Fulfillment

Deliver best-in-class online operations with accurate, real-time inventory data

Sales Floor Replenishment

Ensure timely, automated replenishment of stock on the sales floor



Heilan Home Streamlines Logistics and Retail Operations

Retail and manufacturing company Heilan Home increased efficiency after implementing the Impinj platform for real-time item tracking and inventory location. Since 2014, Heilan Home has worked with Impinj and partner Xindeco to increase the efficiency of its warehouse operations and lower its labor costs.

Inventory Management:
Automate inventory counting for powerful insights into your operations

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Automate counting

Replace old, manual counting methods with automated, hands-free, always-on inventory solutions that offer unparalleled inventory insight and ease. Retailers report inventory cycle counts run 25 times faster using a RAIN RFID system than manually counting each item.

Eliminate overstocking

Stop guessing when you have the answer in-hand. With accurate inventory data, retailers make smart decisions about allocation that improve margins with less inventory in the supply chain, and more dollars in the business.

Sell down to the last item

Use accurate inventory data to make all products available across all locations, sell every item, and reduce the number of items requiring mark downs. Accurate inventory data helps retailers reach customers across the many selling channels today's shoppers demand.


Handheld Reader for Inventory Intelligence

Impinj partner DENSO WAVE provides handheld readers built with an Impinj reader chip. These handheld readers are used by retailers to quickly count inventory and reduce the time it takes to count stock while increasing data  accuracy. The result? Store staff can stay focused on customers. 

Loss Prevention:
Gain advanced protection and heightened visibility into all loss events

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Identify and respond to trends

Knowing where each item in a store is at all times provides an intimate look into how products move. Get alerts when people walk out with unpaid items and then use that item data to identify trends. Go beyond the alarm and move from reactive to proactive with greater visibility into loss and shoplifting details.

Know exactly when and where every item exits

With retailers operating so many different sales channels, it's difficult to track all the places loss could occur. With one integrated system, retailers capture unique item data along with the date, time, and exit location of a stolen item to enable proactive prevention strategies. Eliminate blind spots that leave retailers vulnerable and put profitability at risk.

Seamlessly integrate checkout, return and loss prevention

Customers have high expectations of their in-store experiences. And retailers want to avoid the hassle of removing bulky loss prevention tags at checkout. With a system powered by Impinj, retailers gain a seamless automated checkout and return process that’s integrated with loss prevention for a full solution that works across all channels.



Retail Loss Prevention from Sensormatic

Shrink is a multi-billion-dollar problem for retailers. With increasing losses, retailers need improved visibility into loss for better insights and analytics to go from reactive to proactive strategies. Using real-time data from RAIN RFID, Impinj partner Sensormatic gives retailers a more complete picture of loss events.

Automated Checkout:
Enable touch-free, hassle-free checkout and seamless returns

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Improve customer experience

Enable a touch-free, fumble-free environment that automatically scans multiple items simultaneously without needing line-of-sight required by barcodes. Deliver both a safe and satisfying customer experience with an automated checkout system powered by Impinj.

Integrated loss prevention

Combine automated checkout with a RAIN RFID loss prevention solution for a full system that eliminates the need for staff to remove hard tags from purchased items and extends the value of investment. 

Limit contact, deepen connections

Meet in-store shopper expectations with a streamlined checkout process that limits contact and supports both customers and store employees with a faster, safer checkout. 


See Automated Checkout in Action

Automated, self-checkout systems enabled by Impinj bring safety and convenience to retail point-of-sales. Speed customer checkout and reduce wait times with an automated checkout application that reads thousands of items instantly without direct line-of-sight. Automated checkout solutions enabled by the Impinj platform identify tagged items at checkout and support seamless product returns and loss prevention with the unique Protected Mode feature in the Impinj M700 tag chip.

Supply Chain Automation:
Achieve full visibility and control with accurate, automated high-speed systems

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Track inbound and outbound shipments

Gain visibility into shipments to operate with agility. Unlock next-level efficiency when you know the location of all things moving through your supply chain. Use accurate inventory data across stores and DCs to enable omnichannel sales. 

Streamline and speed-up distribution centers

Read all items, even within closed boxes, to ensure contents are complete and correctly routed along conveyor systems for speedy, streamlined distribution centers. 

Eliminate manual shipping errors

Keep customers and stores happy with an error-free distribution system that gets the right items to the right location at the right time—every time. 


Novart Oy Avoids Costly Shipping Errors with Impinj Partner Finn-ID

Novart Oy combined RAIN RFID and barcode scanning to create a solution that would overhaul their picking and dispatch process. This new system saves hundreds of thousands of euros per year and four hours of labor per day, as well as letting them go paperless—good for preventing papers blowing around the drafty warehouse in winter.

Omnichannel Fulfillment:
Deliver best-in-class online operations with accurate, real-time inventory data

Increase store and online conversion

Accurate inventory data is the foundation for reliable and profitable customer order fulfillment across multiple channels. Increased inventory accuracy allows retailers to expose all inventory to shoppers, making every item available to every shopper wherever they want to purchase.

Fulfill orders, correctly, and quickly

Fulfillment costs escalate when orders are routed to the wrong location or when retailers can’t find the promised item. Find the right product, quickly, to reduce cancellations, limit delays, and increase customer satisfaction.

Make accurate decisions on product allocation

Too much inventory on store shelves leads to higher labor costs, excessive material handling, and clutter. Reduce overstocking, improve margins, and keep the right amount of inventory in the right place by leveraging accurate inventory data.



Accurate Data for Omnichannel Operations with SAP Hybris

Learn how automated inventory management solutions from SAP Hybris and Impinj can help retailers run a more profitable business. The Impinj IoT Connector connects RAIN RFID infrastructure to the SAP® Hybris® Commerce solution to deliver accurate, real-time inventory data. This data can help retailers make better inventory and supply-chain decisions that result in fewer markdowns, reduced inventory, and improved shopper experiences online and in-store.

Sales Floor Replenishment:
Ensure timely, automated replenishment of stock on the sales floor

Maximize on-shelf availability

Every successful retailer knows that optimizing assortment results in increased sales. But without visibility into inventory it's an impossible task to manage. Use accurate inventory data to track what’s on the sales floor, verify replenishment tasks are completed, and ensure product availability for customers at all times—especially when busy. 

Ensure accurate replenishment

Without accurate visibility into inventory levels on the sales floor and in the stock room, what’s available is anyone’s guess. Take the guesswork out of inventory tracking to maintain and verify that stores operate with the inventory that drive sales and the right products are on the way from distribution centers.

Automatically alert staff

When stores are busy, employees don’t keep up with replenishment tasks, crippling sales when it matters the most. Empower busy sales associates to see exactly what items are needed on the sales floor with automated replenishment reports. This streamlined process also gives managers visibility into staff performance.

Omnichannel shoppers spend 15-30% more per purchase and show strong brand loyalty.

Paul Skeldon Internet Retailing Conference, Time to unify? Omnichannel shoppers spend 15% more than the rest, 2019
more per purchase

Brand Protection:
Verify an item’s authenticity, source, and supply route, and prevent counterfeiting

Protect product value

Grey markets can erode the standing of a brand, lower consumer trust, and devalue products. Ensure the authenticity of a brand to maintain consumer confidence in the value of individual products and uphold a company’s overall reputation. 

Fight counterfeiting

Discourage return fraud and grey market sellers and help discover how counterfeit goods enter the market. This reaps benefits not just for consumers, and resellers, but the industry overall.

Gain visibility into source and supply

Use the same technology to authenticate your products and track their movement through the supply chain. This allows for absolute assurance of their authenticity and  visibility into distribution and supply chain operations.



Impinj + YanaGou Partnership Addresses Brand Protection in China

Impinj and Chinese e-commerce company, YanaGou, are partnering to develop an authentication platform that will bring a new level of brand protection for international retailers bringing products into China. YanaGou is an e-commerce retail platform that sources goods directly from international brands and brings them directly to Chinese consumers, instead of through resellers, to decrease the risk of counterfeiting. YanaGou is able to do so by handling sourcing logistics, warehousing, and product authentication themselves. The Impinj platform will enable YanaGou to authenticate goods as they move through the supply chain.