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Impinj Authenticity Developer Access Program

The Impinj Authenticity Developer Access Program provides tools and support for developers integrating their product clouds, software applications, or services with the Impinj Authentication Service.


Build RAIN RFID authentication solutions with confidence

When you participate in the Impinj Authenticity Developer Program, you gain access to everything you need to interface your software application or service with the Impinj Authentication Service. A component of the Impinj Authenticity™ solution engine, the cloud-based Impinj Authentication Service checks the authenticity of an Impinj M775-powered RAIN RFID tag.  

The Impinj Authenticity Developer Access Program offers:

  • Impinj Authentication Service developer account and documentation: Receive a dedicated developer account for secure access to the Impinj Authentication Service, along with documentation for the API and products related to the Impinj Authenticity solution engine.
  • Access to Impinj technical support: Connect with Impinj support specialists for expert assistance with your development. 
  • Free RAIN RFID tag samples: Receive sample RAIN RFID tags from Impinj partners, powered by the Impinj M775 RAIN RFID tag chip and enabled for interface with the Impinj Authentication Service. Developers can use the samples with Impinj R700 RAIN RFID readers or readers from select Impinj partners that have enabled the required GS1 Gen2v2 “authenticate” command and response formatting per ISO/IEC 29167-11. 

Find Impinj-powered products from our trusted partner network

Explore RAIN RFID products from our partners — built on the Impinj platform and designed to help you solve the toughest business challenges. Impinj partners make handheld, fixed, and wearable readers; RAIN RFID printers, tags, and inlays; and more products using the Impinj platform. Impinj partner-built reader modules enable accelerated product development, time to market, and government certifications worldwide. 


Partner product spotlight: Chainway C66

Partner-built RAIN RFID readers that incorporate Impinj M775 RAIN RFID tag chips, such as the Chainway C66 RAIN RFID handheld reader, use the Impinj Authentication Service to verify item data.  

Contact your Impinj sales representative to learn more about the Chainway C66 and other partner-built readers designed to offer authentication solutions.  

Verify product authenticity in retail, supply chain, and more

Authenticate products automatically, in real time

Protect high-value brands such as handbags, shoes, watches, and more.  

Spot fakes before they reach your customers

Combat gray markets by confirming the authenticity of products in your supply chain. 

Safeguard people in hospitals and healthcare

Protect patients from dangerous counterfeit medications, equipment, and devices.