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Impinj E300 Series Reader Chips

Good receive sensitivity for close read range, improved read rate, and support for next-generation RAIN tags—this chip is designed for IoT devices that quickly identify, locate, and authenticate individual or small groups of tagged items.


The Impinj E310 reader chip is designed for cost-effective printers, kiosks, and security and access management systems. The Impinj E310 joins a portfolio of new systems-on-chips (SoCs) built on a heritage of the Impinj Indy series that set performance standards for over a decade. Compared to the Impinj Indy R500, the Impinj E310 reader chip delivers:

  • Good sensitivity and up to 7 dB better receive sensitivity for reliable performance in proximity uses
  • Up to 50% lower chip power consumption, supporting battery-powered, energy-efficient IoT devices
  • Up to 80% smaller RAIN RFID system designs ideal for small, next-generation devices

With industry-leading system integration and easy-to-use development tools, the Impinj E310 enables the development of quick-to-market IoT devices.


Why use Impinj E300 series reader chips

  • Embed RAIN RFID into a range of cost-effective devices: Bring RAIN RFID reading and writing capabilities to all types of devices, balancing both performance and cost. Turn any barcode product into a true IoT device that adds automation to digital transformation programs.
  • Build small, powerful, energy-efficient products: Target emerging use cases with small, efficient devices that stay powered longer. Add connectivity to authenticate and manage consumable products for ultimate service and convenience.
  • Accelerate innovation of next-generation IoT solutions: Reach emerging markets quickly with a powerful, differentiated product portfolio. The ease of use, development tools, and pre-certified partner-built modules, reduce the complexity and timeline of new product development

A new bar for performance, integration, and ease of use

High-performance, low-power design

Enables fast reading, writing, and authenticating of tags with high sensitivity and an energy-efficient design.

Integrated systems-on-chips in a 6x6mm package

Includes a radio modem, self-jammer cancellation, RF front-end, microcontroller, and power regulation.

Tools for easy design and development

Brings an uncomplicated design with fewer components to integrate, a developer-friendly SDK, simple development kit, and worldwide region support.

Extend the boundary of the Internet of Things

Find partner products
RAIN Printers for ​ Shipment Verification
RAIN printers for shipment verification

Print and encode smart RAIN RFID shipping labels for seamless, real-time package tracking applications.

Smart Appliances for Home Automation
Smart appliances for home automation

Authenticate and manage consumable products delivering safety, service, and convenience.

Security and Access Management Systems​
Security and access management systems

Deploy trusted identification systems that can read ID cards faster and from a greater distance than existing LF or HF RFID system

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Find Impinj-powered products from our trusted partner network

Explore RAIN RFID products from our partners—built on the Impinj platform and designed to help you solve the toughest business challenges. Impinj partners make handheld, fixed, and wearable readers, RAIN RFID printers, tags and inlays, and more. Impinj partner-built reader modules enable accelerated product development, time to market, and government certifications worldwide.