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Impinj Core3D Antenna Reference Designs

Impinj’s portfolio of Core3D antenna reference designs enable omnidirectional reading for all Impinj M800 and M700 series tag chips. In the same way an architect’s blueprints show how a structure should be built, Impinj Core3D Antenna reference designs provide guidance for developing optimal antennas for RAIN RFID tags and inlays.


Why use reference designs?

An Impinj antenna reference design simplifies the development process of antennas for RAIN RFID tags and inlays that feature Impinj tag chips. This not only saves money, but also ensures reliable antenna performance and helps shorten a product’s time-to-market.  

Our next-generation Impinj Core3D Antenna reference designs:  

  • Offer exceptional omnidirectional reading capabilities with a single antenna port 
  • Reduce the potential for blind spots common with dipole antennas 
  • Leverage Impinj’s pioneering leadership and knowledge of RAIN RFID

Designs that enable flexible, proven, reliable solutions

Maximum versatility for simpler deployments

Impinj Core3D Antenna reference designs can be used with any Impinj M800 and Impinj M700 series RAIN RFID tag chips, reducing the cost and complexity of maintaining multiple inlay designs. 

Trustworthy, created by RAIN RFID experts

All Impinj Core3D Antenna reference designs are thoroughly tested to ensure maximum RAIN RFID system performance. 

Suitable for use in wide range of environments

Impinj Core3D Antenna reference designs decrease a tag’s susceptibility to position and orientation impacts, helping optimize solutions in challenging environments. 


Optimizing dipole antenna performance

Traditional single dipole antennas have blind spots in certain directions, and usually must be optimized for specific reading angles. Impinj Core3D Antenna reference designs address this limitation. The result? Exceptional omnidirectional performance with a single dipole antenna. 

Business-driven designs for multiple industries

Enhance visibility into store shelves and stockrooms

Boost retail operations with omnidirectional reading capabilities, enabling more tagged items to be captured at a greater distance. 

Gain new insights into shipments and deliveries

Improve efficiencies and reduce shipment errors in supply chains and logistics with enhanced visibility into pallets, cases, and items. 

Improve tag reading in dynamic environments

Increase accuracy and gain insight into parts and equipment moving through dock doors or along assembly lines at busy manufacturing facilities

Support and Documentation

Download Impinj Core3D Antenna reference designs datasheets

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Read application notes and tips 

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Learn about the Impinj M700 series tag chips

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