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Xemelgo Work-in-Process Tracking Transforms Operations

A solution from Impinj partner Xemelgo — powered by RAIN RFID — provides real-time visibility and minimizes inefficiencies so manufacturers can stay competitive.

Modernizing manufacturing  

Real-time visibility is connected to real success. In today’s fast-paced environment, technology is quickly changing how manufacturers stay on top of best practices and remain competitive in their markets. Meanwhile, inefficiencies waste time and materials, introduce compliance risk, and hinder productivity.  

Impinj partner Xemelgo found a way to help manufacturers transform their operations with a work-tracking solution built using RAIN RFID tags and readers.  

With Xemelgo’s Work-in-Process Tracking solution, part of its Smart Manufacturing Suite of software solutions, manufacturers can manage operations and oversee productivity from anywhere in the world. Featuring RAIN RFID tags, fixed readers, and handheld readers – like those made by Impinj and Impinj partners — Xemelgo’s solution helps enterprises automate data entry, reporting, and process management, and connects real-time information about products, data, and operators all in one place.  

Xemelgo Work-in-Process Tracking helps enterprises:  

  • Boost productivity: save hours of daily manual data entry and reporting time, so teams can focus on other work  
  • Visualize the factory: view live map dashboards that provide real-time visibility into work on the shop floor  
  • Maximize on-time delivery: automate alerts, “smart rules,” and live queues so teams can prioritize work, keep on top of tasks, and stay ahead of due dates  
  • Locate orders in seconds: eliminate hunting for missing work orders and hot jobs with live location tracking and mobile “search and find” capabilities  
  • Eliminate waste: decrease process bottlenecks, hidden factory rework, excess movement, idle orders, and more  
  • Make better decisions: empower operational leaders and production team members with the data and insights needed to make decisions proactively  

Streamlining production with RAIN RFID 

The Xemelgo Work-in-Process Tracking solution harnesses the power of RAIN RFID to provide real-time visibility into the location, status, and priorities of work orders on the production floor. It automates work order management to improve productivity and help teams make informed business decisions.   

Here’s how it works: 

  • RAIN RFID tags are attached to paper job travelers. 
  • Temporary or permanent RAIN RFID tags are applied directly to parts referenced in the job traveler. 
  • Sensors on the factory floor, along with fixed RAIN RFID readers located in zones and at transition points throughout the assembly area, track tagged orders as they move through a facility. 
  • Handheld RAIN RFID readers are used to pinpoint the exact location of a work order, when it arrived, and for how long it was there — in real time. 
  • Data is visualized in dashboards via Xemelgo’s cloud-based web and mobile apps, giving workers immediate insight into a job’s location, status, and priority. 

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Wednesday, December 27, 2023


Xemelgo, Inc

Xemelgo, Inc

Xemelgo's Smart Manufacturing Suite of products helps manufacturers transform their business by gaining real-time visibility into every stage of production, to improve efficiency, reduce waste, and boost profitability.

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