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RFID4U’s TagMatiks Wedge Makes RAIN RFID Data Management a Breeze

The easy-to-use RFID reader software helps suppliers and others validate their RAIN RFID tags and ensure they meet industry requirements.

Using RAIN RFID software to bridge the data gap

Suppliers and manufacturers know the value of RAIN RFID for managing inventory and tracking assets within their own organizations. But with retail giants like Walmart requiring suppliers to tag a growing number of items with RAIN RFID tags, ensuring those tags meet certain guidelines before they land on store shelves is more important than ever. Walmart’s expanding RFID mandate means that suppliers must be sure the RFID tags they attach to their items comply with strict GS1 and ARC standards before they can be sold in Walmart stores. 

Ensuring compliance can be daunting, but Impinj partner RFID4U’s TagMatiks Wedge software solution can help suppliers make sure their RFID tags meet these requirements before they leave the warehouse.  

Making RAIN RFID-powered compliance a reality

TagMatiks Wedge is a simple, low-cost software application for mobile RFID readers, designed to collect inventory data and export it directly to backend systems for further processing. Most importantly, it helps suppliers validate their tag data and meet industry requirements before updating their enterprise systems. 

TagMatiks Wedge is designed to be used with a variety of devices such as handheld and fixed RFID readers, as well as iOS and Android devices used in conjunction with an RFID sled. It supports most Impinj-powered handheld devices from Impinj partners.  

Here’s how it works:

  • Using TagMatiks Wedge on these handheld devices, inventory data is easily collected from RFID labels and tags. 
  • The software then exports the data, available in several different formats and options, directly to enterprise resource planning, warehouse management, point-of-sale, and other backend data management systems as needed. 
  • This solution is beneficial in a variety of important use cases including validating item and tag/label data, finding relevant item information using reference files, tracking item location, counting inventory cycles, and validating shipping information. 

Easy-to-use software that boosts efficiency 

TagMatiks Wedge seamlessly integrates with existing systems and is compatible with multiple devices, making it easy to use for quick and comprehensive data collection and management and to ensure product compliance. RFID4U’s TagMatiks Wedge is helping businesses optimize their RAIN RFID solutions by enabling: 

  • Tag validation and standards verification  
  • Simple data collection   
  • Easy integration & connectivity   
  • Robust device support   
  • Extensive configurability   
  • Low-cost start-up process 

Optimizing RAIN RFID solutions with TagMatiks software

Filtering tags by use cases, importing reference files for application-specific information, ensuring RFID compliance — TagMatiks Wedge is changing the game for not only suppliers, but also retailers, warehouse managers, distributors, and other retail industry organizations looking to boost operational efficiency. 

RAIN RFID tag validation and standards verification 

TagMatiks Wedge ensures that RFID tags are encoded to meet GS1 and ARC standards. For use cases such as Walmart suppliers, it also ensures proper compliance with retailer-specific RFID tagging requirements. 

Simple data collection for a hassle-free experience 

Features like the built-in inventory function support quick counting of RFID tags associated with items. The workflow also includes the ability to toggle the power on the RFID handheld to control the read range. 

Robust device support 

TagMatiks Wedge integrates seamlessly with a wide variety of RFID readers and handhelds, including most Impinj-powered handheld devices from Impinj partners. Additionally, new devices continue to be added frequently. 

Extensive configurability 

With TagMatiks Wedge, users can choose which fields and memory banks of the RFID tag are collected and reported, configure and name inventories for future reference, filter data to surface the exact information needed, and more. 

Low-cost start-up process 

TagMatiks Wedge is available at a low-cost, one-time license per RFID handheld or sled. Since it is designed to be used as an application with mobile handheld devices, users can simply get started with the license and optimize it for their use. 

As more and more retailers adopt RAIN RFID, suppliers will need to be increasingly certain that their RFID tags are ready to perform beyond their own warehouses. To learn more about how you can make it possible, check out RFID4U on the Impinj Partner Directory and explore the Impinj platform

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Wednesday, April 24, 2024




RFID4U, is a global solutions provider of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), IoT and mobility solutions. As part of the company’s offerings, it provides customers business intelligence leveraging its software platform, TagMatiks.

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