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Nedap Harmony Eases RAIN RFID Integrations

Solve common RAIN RFID challenges and customize workflow applications including remote configuration and management of Impinj R700 readers.

RAIN RFID solutions made more accessible

RAIN RFID has the power to transform operations across industries. Nedap Harmony is a multi-tenant, cloud-based, full-stack SaaS platform designed to make RAIN RFID more accessible to those without previous RAIN RFID experience. Designed to solve common RAIN RFID challenges such as reader control, data filtering and translation, and cloud enablement, Nedap Harmony is customizable for different workflows or use cases. This makes it possible to build applications and integrations on the platform, without external software components or servers. As a result, Nedap’s Harmony platform makes it easier to adopt, integrate, and scale RAIN RFID solutions—including solutions utilizing the industry-leading Impinj R700 RAIN RFID reader—with no previous RAIN RFID experience required to get started.

Finding the balance between hardware and software

Harmony is designed to solve common RFID challenges and lets users customize workflow applications, with features like

  • Cloud-native scaling, which means no need to install, provision or configure anything. When you deploy RAIN RFID to hundreds of sites, the backend automatically scales.
  • Easy integration with encrypted and secure out-of-the-box RESTful APIs, WebSocket connections, and MQTT client functionality to integrate with any business application or platform.
  • Remote configuration and management of Harmony-certified readers, including the Impinj R700, where changes in settings are pushed out in real-time.

Easy to start, no previous experience required

The modern facade of the Nedap building is captured on a bright sunny day,

No RAIN RFID experience necessary, and no need to install, provision or configure anything to get started. The Harmony app is easy to download and install, making it possible to get started in as little as 10 minutes, with a low startup cost. Create events and gather and filter data from readers, without having to worry about algorithms, configuration, synchronization, device-specific APIs, connectivity, tag data translation, or other specifics. Through profiles and automatic configuration, Nedap Harmony ensures optimal RAIN RFID performance, no matter the circumstances. 

Accessible, customizable, and secure

Easy and flexible to use, Nedap Harmony can be customized to your specific needs. Using the Harmony platform, you can easily build applications that leverage the power of RAIN RFID technology and integrate with existing ERP, WMS, and other systems. It’s easy to integrate encrypted and secure out-of-the-box RESTful APIs, WebSocket connections, and MQTT client functionality to integrate with any business application. 

Compatible with industry-leading hardware like the Impinj R700

Nedap Harmony is built to work with a variety of hardware—including the Impinj R700 reader that is designed to support enterprise global RAIN RFID deployments with industry-leading sensitivity, powerful edge processing, fast connectivity, and increased on-reader memory. Nedap Harmony supports both fixed and mobile readers. 

Thursday, February 25, 2021


Nedap Harmony

Nedap Harmony

Nedap Harmony is a cloud platform designed to remotely configure, manage and control RAIN RFID hardware which makes integrating RFID into existing systems easier than ever.

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