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Ensure Reusable Transport Items Are Recovered

Keep reusable containers like plastic bins, roll cages, pallets, wheeled trolleys, and other transport items on track—wherever they are in the supply chain.

Reusable transport items make the supply chain go round

Reusable Transport Items (RTIs) such as pallets, stillages, and containers are essential assets for almost any manufacturing or supply chain and logistics company: they’re a standardized, eco-friendly way to facilitate the movement of goods efficiently from point A to point B. However, the “reusable” part can become a challenge if tracking their location relies on manual processes. 

This solution from RFiD Discovery uses Impinj readers to provide visibility of asset locations so organizations can keep tabs on their reusable assets, saving time, money, and materials.

Blue totes on a conveyor belt in an industrial environment, indicative of Impinj's asset tracking technology

Save money while keeping products on track

Each reusable transport item is fitted with a RAIN RFID tag, which is read by strategically placed Impinj readers at doorways and transition points. By tracking individual assets like metal stillages, tote boxes, roll cages, pallets, trays and other reusable transport containers in real-time, this solution: 

  • Maximizes the use of available reusable transport items at any given time
  • Helps prevent transport assets—and their cargo—from getting lost or stolen
  • Provides accountability and reduces disputes between trading partners about asset location
  • Enables inventories to be performed in minutes
  • Identifies shortages or overstock for better management and improved efficiency
  • Validates and records each individual asset and corresponding destination as it enters and exits the site

Location history keeps tabs on RTIs wherever they go

Integrating the RFiD Discovery solution with an ERP system provides visibility into RTI locations across the company, making sure they are available where and when they are needed. This includes RTIs dispatched to suppliers or customers: before these assets even exit the warehouse, real-time tracking location information is sent to a central database to be analyzed, so you know which partner to contact for their return.

Save on time, paperwork, and materials

Automated tracking means less paperwork in dispatch or receipt, saving employee time and effort. While fewer lost RTIs means reducing reserve pools and investing in higher quality RTIs for longer life cycles and longer term savings. 

Better end results for happier customers AND partners

Automated dispatch and receipt can optimize transport for the collection of your assets, improving service levels. Tracking each asset on an individual level helps protect the contents as well, ensuring that they aren’t lost in transport and that they get to the next stage of their journey on time. 

Wednesday, October 28, 2020




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