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vXchnge Increases Compliance and Accuracy at Data Centers

RAIN RFID solutions helped the large-scale data centers at vXchnge maintain accuracy in inventory reporting for thousands of infrastructure items.

Accurate asset tracking for vXchnge data centers

With multiple and dispersed US locations, it’s critical that vXchnge knows where their client’s servers are at the click of a button. After choosing a RAIN RFID asset tracking solution from Impinj and Asset Vue, vXchnge quickly deployed the technology at a rate of 1-2 sites per week. After implementation, vXchnge was able to:

  • Increase accuracy through real-time tracking
  • Eliminate unnecessary manual intervention
  • Ensure compliance via electronic audit of physical servers

RAIN RFID delivers data center asset management when accuracy is paramount

vXchnge has fourteen data centers throughout the US and each location provides infrastructure for critical business systems. They needed to automate how their assets were tracked and managed while maintaining their reputation for exceptional security and reliability. With thousands of pieces of hardware, knowing asset location in real time was essential to their success.

Impinj and Asset Vue created a RAIN RFID asset management solution for vXchnge that was both easy to deploy and highly effective. Here’s how it works:

  • RAIN RFID tag-chips are affixed to each asset at a data center
  • Assets are read within each cabinet at each data center by Impinj Speedway R420 readers located throughout the site
  • Asset data is sent to vXchnge's business intelligence tool for support staff to view

With data on asset location in real-time, vXchnge was able to deliver faster, more accurate service.

Our customers rely on vXchnge for security and reliability from our performance driven Data Centers. Using RAIN RFID technology provides improved compliance adherence and furthers the value to our mission to protect our customers' brands with their trust and assets.

Tom Banta SVP, Product vXchnge

High Data Integrity Improves Quality, and Increases Staff Confidence

Increasing Accuracy Through Real-Time Tracking

The RAIN RFID solution from Asset Vue and Impinj gives vXchnge a real-time look into the location of their assets. This data lets vXchnge confidently and accurately validate and track assets across the country.

Eliminating Unnecessary Manual Intervention

Because the RAIN RFID solution provides up-to-the-minute data on asset location and authenticity, staff no longer have to manually count assets. This ultimately decreases labor costs and increases operational efficiency.

Ensuring Compliance via Electronic Audit of Physical Servers

In order to maintain its reputation as a trusted service provider, vXchnge must meet certain compliance demands. The accurate data from RAIN RFID allows vXchnge to perform electronic audits of physical severs, thereby ensuring vXchnge remains in compliance of various regulations including HIPAA, PCI, ISO, SOC and SSAE18.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2018



vXchnge is a colocation provider that provides highly reliable, secure space for their clients to operate their critical business systems. With data centers all over the United States, they are able to serve their clients in-person as well as online.

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