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Kathrein Solutions: Empowering Industries with Impinj RAIN RFID

The German technology services provider and Impinj partner offers a robust lineup of RFID readers and antennas — with more hitting the market every year.

Kathrein Solutions GmbH’s focus on continuous improvement and commitment to its customers is underscored by the breadth of its RAIN RFID products. The German technology provider offers nine kinds of readers and 10 types of antennas to help companies automate their processes and streamline production — and Kathrein continues to grow its portfolio by releasing two to three new products every year. 

Inside a bustling tire manufacturing plant, stacks of newly minted tires are methodically

The longtime Impinj partner helps enterprises like manufacturers, transportation providers, healthcare providers, and retailers gain visibility into supply chains, manage fleets of vehicles, track assets, streamline inventory counting, and more — using RAIN RFID, a battery-free, wireless communication technology that utilizes radio chips and readers to identify and find tagged objects.  

Kathrein’s extensive RAIN RFID hardware lineup includes fixed readers such as the ARU 2400, the RRU 4500, and the RRU 4570 — all powered by Impinj RAIN RFID reader chips. Kathrein also offers the CrossTalk software package, for device integration and management, which interfaces with Impinj-powered Kathrein readers. And Kathrein’s KRAI antenna interface technology enables its reader antennas to automatically switch among reader zones using a proprietary technology that helps improve read rates in highly reflective environments or areas with lots of tags. 

Kathrein also offers a network of integration partners, allowing the company to deliver the full range of hardware, software, services, and support needed to take a customer’s project from proof-of-concept all the way to implementation. 

Solutions for real-world applications 

Kathrein’s RAIN RFID solutions can help solve all kinds of challenges for companies, helping them work faster, smarter, and safer. Industries and applications that can benefit from Kathrein’s solutions include: 

Real-time visibility in manufacturing 
By using Impinj-powered Kathrein readers and Impinj RAIN RFID tag chips, manufacturers can automatically track the location of parts and goods moving throughout a facility to maximize operational efficiency. Recently, a tire manufacturer for high-end automobiles installed Kathrein ARU 2400 RAIN RFID readers throughout its 20 manufacturing plants worldwide to ensure the right parts are used when manufacturing each tire, and that the right tires are matched to cars. Such item-level tracking helps eliminate human error and ensures the tire manufacturing and mounting processes are as precise as possible. 

In the bustling environment of a modern warehouse, a sophisticated RFID gateway stands prominently,

Optimizing supply chain and logistics 
By attaching RAIN RFID tags to returnable transport items (RTIs) such as carriers and containers, and tracking the location of RTIs within a facility with RAIN RFID readers, companies can gain valuable insight into the location and status of tools and products. In the case of German drugstore chain dm-drogerie markt, RAIN RFID readers featuring Impinj reader chips were positioned at dock doors to precisely track the dwell time of rented transport containers. Once drugstore executives knew exactly how long the containers were in their distribution centers, they were able to optimize usage and save money on rental costs.  

Making transportation systems intelligent 
Municipalities worldwide use Kathrein’s RAIN RFID solutions to create intelligent transportation systems such as electronic toll collection, electronic vehicle registration, and intelligent parking infrastructure to keep traffic flowing smoothly and safely. RAIN RFID solutions enable transportation authorities to easily track and toll vehicles, and manage their systems more efficiently.  

RAIN RFID readers ready for any challenge 

Kathrein’s RAIN RFID readers feature robust designs and IP67 ratings to protect against dust and water, making them ideal for heavy-duty applications without requiring additional protective housings. Connectivity is easy: Kathrein’s readers include a range of interface options such as WiFi and 4G, reducing installation costs and allowing easy integration with an enterprise’s existing IT solutions.  

Learn more about Kathrein 

In addition to Kathrein’s RAIN RFID family of readers, antennas, software, and accessories, the company’s portfolio includes customized solutions, real-time location systems, and wide area network (WAN) technologies. Kathrein also offers RF simulation, application support, and software integration, along with services to help customers with implementation, operation, and maintenance. 

Learn more about Kathrein and the Impinj Partner Network. And read more about RAIN RFID and how the Impinj platform can help industries like manufacturing, retail, and supply chain and logistics connect every thing. 

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Wednesday, February 21, 2024



Martha Mallon

Senior Director, Global Partner Marketing

Martha Mallon works with Impinj resellers and OEM partners to develop and deliver integrated joint marketing programs for partners’ products and solutions.