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Impinj Partner Interview: Stephen Howells of Checkpoint Systems

In this interview, Stephen Howells of Checkpoint discusses their Impinj partnership and how their ARC certified labels can help improve everyday operations in retail.

In August of this year, Checkpoint became the first RAIN RFID label manufacturer to achieve Auburn University’s ARC Laboratory certification for labels based on the Impinj M700 series RAIN RFID tag chips. The Checkpoint Njord M750, the first inlay to achieve ARC certification in F and I categories, has since been joined by the Vortex, Mistral, Zephyr, Triumph and UNO EP in having ARC certifications for a variety of specifications that can help improve everyday operations in retail. 

These new, ARC-approved labels leverage the technological advancements of the Impinj M700 series for improved inventory visibility, reduced costs, and improved performance, with new features like stronger reply signaling, improved Impinj AutoTune adaptive RF tuning, and the highest receive sensitivity of any RAIN RFID tag IC to-date. In addition, the Njord is made of 70% certified post-consumer recycled content, and the increased performance of the Impinj M700 allows for a 40% reduction in label size, enabling the Njord to be the smallest ARC certified inlay in its categories and making it a good choice for retailers working on their sustainability. 

…we complement each other very, very well. A great performing inlay provides a great level of data integrity to our customers. We can collect more data at greater speed, and that drives more and more value as the relationship continues.

Stephen Howells Director of Business Development and RFID Solutions at Checkpoint

Stephen Howells, the director of business development and RFID solutions with Checkpoint, sat down with us to discuss his experience working with Impinj, how Impinj helps Checkpoint with the challenging performance requirements of their customer base, and his predictions for the evolution of RAIN RFID in retail.

Impinj Partner Interview: Stephen Howells of Checkpoint Systems

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Friday, December 18, 2020