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Arizon Introduces Microwave-safe Tag Based on Impinj MR6-P Chip

Impinj partner Arizon announced a new RAIN RFID tag based on Impinj MR6-P chip to address demand for microwave-safe products in grocery and convenience stores.

Impinj partner Arizon recently announced a new microwave-safe RAIN RFID tag built on Impinj Monza R6-P tag chips. The Arizon AZ-V61 tag can be used for food that needs to be heated in the microwave. Arizon tested the tag using industrial-grade Panasonic microwave ovens which are often used in convenience stores for food heating. Testing included:

  • an empty plastic bento box heated 1 minute at 1,500W power
  • a bento box with 100g food inside heated 3 minutes at 1,500W power

Watch Arizon's video

RAIN RFID is a natural fit for grocery stores where items can be tagged to enable inventory management, automated checkout, and more. Retailers can know exactly how many items are on shelves at all times, monitor expiration dates, prevent selling of expired items, and better enable product recalls.

The Impinj MR6 series tag chips provide reliable RAIN RFID performance in a food tagging application. The patented Impinj AutoTune™ adaptive RF tuning feature automatically adjusts chip performance to optimize readability for operating conditions and application, enhancing tag performance in the metal-rich environment of a grocery or convenience store with thousands of items.

>>Learn more on Arizon’s website

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Tuesday, August 25, 2020