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Impinj Monza R6 Series RAIN RFID Tag Chips

Impinj Monza R6 RAIN RFID tag chips provide reliable performance in nearly any RAIN RFID application, from retail to healthcare, hospitality to supply chain and logistics. These chips introduced three patented features to improve performance and tag reliability: AutoTune adaptive RF tuning, Integra memory diagnostics, and Enduro bonding pads.


Monza R6 tag chips provide endless possibility

Impinj Monza R6 series chips are available in two different versions to support applications from inventory management to airline baggage tracking. Create innovative ways of interacting with consumers using Impinj Monza R6 series chips.


Impinj Monza R6 chips enhance customer interaction

The Impinj MR6 chip helps you create a differentiated shopping experience. Retailers are finding innovative ways of delighting shoppers using Impinj MR6. Start tagging items for inventory management and then enable smart fitting rooms, automated checkout, and interactive product displays.

MR6-P in retail jewelry/watch image

Impinj Monza R6-P protects your brand, inventory, and customers

With added user memory, password protection ,and range reduction capabilities, Impinj MR6-P tag chips enable loss prevention, brand protection, and enhanced privacy for retailers, brands, and consumers. Includes flexible memory options for 96 / 128-bit EPC and 32 / 64-bit user memory, plus serialized Tag ID.


Why use Impinj MR6 series tag chips

Impinj MR6 provide reliable performance around the world. These chips are chosen for diverse applications that need:

  • Trusted performance: field-proven with billions of chips deployed

  • Versatility: supports diverse use cases with standard memory requirements—everything from animal tagging to race timing

  • Performance-enhancing features: patented features AutoTune, Integra, and Enduro optimize performance and enhance reliability

  • Tag data protection options: limit access via short range capability and Access/Kill commands

Impinj tag chip features
for high performance RAIN RFID tags

AutoTune adaptive RF tuning

Automatically adjusts performance to optimize readability for environment and application

Enduro bonding pad design

Patented design delivers high-quality, robust tags for improved tag yield and reliability, and lower CO2 emissions

FastID rapid reading

Reduce inventory time by simplifying the steps needed to identify a tag when using a TID-based numbering system

Integra memory diagnostics

Suite of diagnostics ensures consistently accurate data delivery

TagFocus read redundancy prevention

Unique algorithm prevents multiple reads of the same chip so that hard-to-read tags can be read more accurately within a complex population of tags

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Impinj partners provide a vast range of tag and inlay products built with Impinj chips inside, providing unmatched system performance and item-level visibility for applications in industries from retail to healthcare, hospitality to supply chain.


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