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Guide to Walmart's RFID Mandate: 5 Steps to Compliance

If you're a supplier that’s new to RAIN RFID, or even someone who has used RFID in the past, complying with Walmart’s RFID tagging requirements can be a challenge. 

Download a copy of the new step-by-step guide from Impinj, “Guide to Walmart’s RFID Mandate: 5 Steps to Compliance,” to learn more about what products are included in the mandate. Find out how Impinj can help you meet the compliance requirements and maximize the benefits of RFID within your operation. 
Download this complimentary guide to learn:
The five steps to meet Walmart’s mandate

Citing major improvements in inventory accuracy, shopper experience, and omnichannel capabilities, Walmart is going all in on RFID and requiring its suppliers to apply item-level RAIN RFID tags to a growing number of products. Impinj can help you create an RFID tagging strategy that meets Walmart’s tagging requirements in five easy steps. 

How to maximize your return on RFID

Tagging your items offers benefits beyond just mandate compliance. RAIN RFID can identify, locate, protect, and authenticate items in work-in-progress (WIP) lines, at dock doors, at distribution centers and warehouses, in retail backrooms, at points of sale — and even at the returns counter.

Why smart enterprises turn to RFID for operational efficiency

With RAIN RFID, suppliers can track and locate every one of their items quickly and with 99% accuracy. You’ll get item-level insights into your products from source to sale — and everywhere in between.


Speak with a RAIN RFID expert

Impinj RAIN RFID experts are here to help you define, design, and deploy a RAIN RFID tagging program that not only meets Walmart’s requirements, but also streamlines your operations and unlocks powerful insights. 

Reach out to an Impinj RAIN RFID expert to: 

  • Understand your product tagging needs 
  • Achieve the best RFID ROI for your operation 
  • Understand the basics of RAIN RFID technology 
  • Connect you with experts in the Impinj Partner Network to help you build an RFID tagging and reading strategy