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The Seven Ways RAIN RFID Is Changing Retail for the Better

From more accurate store operations to improved inventory optimization, the future of retail is seamless connectivity that improves both customer experiences and business processes — from supply chain to point-of-sale.

Don’t miss out on the technology that is helping build a more efficient retail world. Download your complimentary copy of “The Future of Retail: Seven Ways RAIN RFID Is Changing Retail for the Better."

In this ebook, learn about the benefits of RAIN RFID in retail, including how organizations can achieve:
A Leap to 95% Data Accuracy

RAIN RFID can improve average data accuracy from 63% up to 95%, enabling all kinds of optimization — from faster inventory to omnichannel fulfillment. 

50% Reduction in Out-of-Stocks

With maximal inventory visibility, retailers can ensure they keep popular items on store shelves while reducing overstocks of slower-moving products. 

Up to 25% Increase in Sales

When retailers can reliably offer the products shoppers want, and shoppers can reliably find the products they need, higher sales and loyalty follow.