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Scalable, Cloud-Based RAIN RFID-Powered Yard Management

By automating a yard management system with the Impinj platform high-volume distribution centers gain real-time visibility into all yard activity.

Bring a bird’s eye view to yard logistics 

For trailer and container inventory within the supply chain, yards are the intersection between warehouses and transportation. As a critical pivot point in the logistics process, yards also introduce the potential to add delays and errors into the supply chain.

This solution from Kaleris brings IoT connectivity to yard management, automating processes and making data available in real time. Featuring cloud computing, IoT sensors, and the Impinj platform, this solution provides users visibility and control over the gate, dock, and yard assets and allows them to manage network operations more efficiently, leading to faster and more productive supply chains.

Real-time visibility and data for informed business decisions

Delays in shipping are expensive: not only can they cause unhappy customers and additional charges, but they can also result in demurrage, or charges for when inventory is parked in the yard over deadline, backing up the line.

Kaleris Yard Management System leverages the Impinj RAIN RFID platform to deliver real-time location data for better inventory accuracy and visibility into all yard activities.The Kaleris solution:

  • Includes temporary and permanent RAIN RFID tags for trailer, container, and asset tracking to facilitate consistent data across the fleet, accelerate check-in, and check-out, and enable managers and carriers to gain visibility to trailers across multiple locations.
  • Transmits real-time data captured at the gate as a trailer with a tag passes through, eliminating delays, paper forms, and human error.
  • Detects and communicates the location of each tagged trailer parked in the yard or at dock doors as the truck moves around the facility.
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A commercial shipping yard with a white cab semi-truck transporting a blue shipping container

Automated Gate Management
Automate and streamline gate procedures, and increase the velocity of check-in and check-out of trucks and trailers to reduce gate congestion.

Yard and Shuttle Truck Management
Monitor the real-time location, speed, and action of yard and shuttle trucks to easily assign, prioritize, and confirm trailer moves.

Dock Door Management
Gain enterprise visibility to efficiently manage yard capacity, trailer pool availability, yard service providers, and transportation contracts from one accurate, comprehensive point of view.

Tuesday, December 1, 2020




Kaleris is a leader in Supply Chain Execution Solutions. We provide best-in-class yard management, transportation management, and asset management MRO solutions. We help shippers control and optimize the movement of goods throughout the supply chain.

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