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Intelligent Patient File Tracking

Healthcare providers who need automated, real-time patient file tracking that can extend to inventory management choose the Idox Health and Impinj solution.

Cut costs, prioritize patient care with RAIN RFID file tracking

The Idox Health and Impinj tracking solution helps healthcare workers focus on patient care instead of searching for files. Lost or duplicate files lead to canceled appointments and delayed procedures as hospitals strive to reduce cost and inefficiency in all departments.

iFIT from Idox Health is an integrated tracking and management solution built on the Impinj platform. RAIN RFID tags are placed on items such as health records and supplies. Impinj Speedway readers are installed at key points to track tagged items as they move through the hospital. iFIT software provides database partitioning, role-based user access, alerts and reports. Hospitals can expand the solution to track any item in their facility.

Boost efficiency and reduce costs to serve patients better

With the intelligent patient file tracking solution from Idox Health and Impinj, hospitals can reduce the number of lost records, so that healthcare workers spend less time searching for files and more time serving patients.

  • Reduce the number of lost records and refocus staff time previously spent looking for files on patient care and other important tasks
  • Lower the overhead of health records services while improving information governance, service levels and security
  • Free up 15% or more space in your medical records library
  • Increase efficiency by using a common tracking and management tool for patient records as well as medical and technology assets
The image displays a detailed layout of a healthcare facility, highlighting various departments and sections
Readers placed in doorways monitor who and what goes in and out of rooms to ensure patients are matched with their files.

Reduce the number of lost records and reprioritize patient care

When workers spend time looking for missing files or recreating lost ones, they’re not focused on caring for patients. The result? Appointments are canceled and procedures are delayed. The hospital loses money, and patients don’t receive the level of service they deserve. The Idox Health and Impinj solution uses RAIN RFID technology to virtually eliminate lost records, allowing healthcare workers to focus on patient care instead of searching for files.

Reduce costs while managing information more effectively

Hospitals are under pressure to reduce costs and gain efficiency in every department. They need tracking solutions that reduce service time and improve information management. Intelligent patient file tracking from Idox Health and Impinj reduces the overhead associated with health records solutions while improving information governance, increasing service levels, and strengthening security.

Create more space for patient files

When patient records go missing and can’t be found, hospital staff must recreate them. Over time, those duplicate records require a significant amount of file space. With intelligent patient file tracking from Idox Health and Impinj, hospitals can easily locate patient files and free up space in their medical records library—as much as 15% or more.

Increase efficiency of patient file tracking and asset management

The Idox Health and Impinj solution uses RAIN RFID technology to track patient files throughout the hospital, eliminating many of the errors that manual processes cause. Hospitals can also expand the solution to track medical supplies and other assets as easily and effectively as it tracks patient files. Using a common tracking and management tool for patient records as well as medical and technology assets increases efficiency throughout the hospital.

Monday, July 2, 2018



Idox Health

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