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Podcast: The Growth of RAIN RFID During COVID and the Future of IoT

Impinj’s Matt Branda appeared on the IoT For All Podcast to share insights on RAIN RFID, COVID-19’s impact on retail, and what the near future could hold for the IoT.

Necessity is the mother of adoption

The realities of the COVID-19 era and the march toward enhanced omnichannel fulfillment have meant a groundswell of support for RAIN RFID. Matt Branda, vice president for product management at Impinj, recently appeared on the IoT For All Podcast to discuss the impact that RAIN RFID has had in the lives of ordinary people and some of the ways RAIN RFID is shaping the future of retail. 

Supply chain issues that have partly come from lack of visibility into inventory have become the stuff of everyday conversation for people everywhere. In the podcast, Matt talks about the ways RAIN RFID helps control those problems and deliver the best experience to consumers. 

Retailers who adopted RAIN RFID were among the businesses that had the most success during the COVID-19 era, and they have continued to see growth as a direct result of those improvements made to their inventory visibility and tracking.

Matt discusses the use cases that customers find to be of real value to their own enterprises, then follows up with the technology. 

What about the future of RAIN RFID and the IoT? As RAIN RFID chips are embedded into more consumer products, the interactive qualities of RAIN RFID will come to the household, where everyday things can be connected to the internet. The smart tags entering consumers’ homes and offices need smart devices to read them, Matt says.  

Stick around until the end of the podcast to hear Matt’s inspired take on what the near future will bring for RAIN RFID and the IoT. Listen to the full episode on the IoT For All website, or watch the discussion on YouTube below.

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Thursday, July 21, 2022