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How to Know if RAIN RFID Is the Right Investment | DSV Solutions Q&A

How can RAIN RFID deliver on customer satisfaction? Tom Hagemann, VP of engineering at DSV Solutions, answers our questions on the value RAIN RFID adds to the supply chain.

Recently, our own Mike Seaholm, western region channel sales manager at Impinj, sat down with Tom Hagemann, VP of engineering at DSV Solutions, to get his insights on RAIN RFID as an investment in supply chain and logistics. Here's a summary of their conversation, which can be viewed in the video below.

Can you tell us a little about yourself and what DSV Solutions does? 

My background in logistics, primarily in transportation and warehouse management, spans over three decades. I’m currently part of the senior leadership team at DSV Solutions North America, where I’ve been responsible for engineering for the past seven years.

DSV is a third-party logistics provider. DSV has three divisions: our air and sea division, which is the management of air and ocean freight; our road operations, which includes both asset and non-asset based transportation of goods; and our warehousing (typically referred to as contract logistics), which focuses on the receipt, storage, pick, pack, and shipment of clients goods to the end customer. My focus is on contract logistics.

What do you think are the top challenges currently facing the supply chain industry? 

Our client base sees the timely delivery of goods to market as our responsibility. Order accuracy and timely delivery are critical to winning customer satisfaction for our clients. Which means we have to overcome the associated logistical costs and challenges to ensure both our client and their customers are satisfied. 

Our challenge is in overcoming these obstacles in order to satisfy our clients and in turn, their customers. Having what the consumer wants, when they want it, is key. It is critical for our clients to have the goods they need for their own customers.

From your perspective, what will be the highest priority investments in 2021?

DSV is always looking for new technologies. Our client base relies on us to continuously improve our operations. One priority is bringing on new technology that reduces the learning curve in the onboarding of our associates. This new technology helps them get up to speed faster, and helps us reach the capacity we need to satisfy our customers’ needs. Finding employees who will stick around is at a premium, so simplifying our processes and getting people up to speed is key. 

However, you can’t do that at the cost of quality. The one thing we’re looking for from a technology perspective is to ensure that we have built-in checks and balances, and validation around that. We want to reduce the opportunity for errors and keep our quality at a high standard.   

Why do you believe that RAIN RFID is the right investment today?

RAIN RFID helps with inventory control by quickly analyzing inventory identity and location in the warehouse. Quickly understanding what it is, and where it is, is paramount to an efficient and effective operation. 

Inventory accuracy is critical in bringing efficiencies to our outbound operations. RAIN RFID adds value by increasing that accuracy. We’ve simplified our processes and order accuracy at the point of loading. We’ve gained the ability to capture the product as it's being loaded in real time, and the ability to get alerts when an incorrect product is attempting to be loaded. We’re also ensuring that all product that's supposed to be associated with an order is actually loaded before a trailer departs—all of these abilities are critical, and enabled by RAIN RFID. This helps to control the costs related to quality, and deliver on customer satisfaction. 

Proactively alerting associates about information on shipments to avoid rework, impacting costs, time and speed to market—all of these are things that I see RAIN RFID supporting in our operations. 

Watch the full conversation with Hagemann:

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Wednesday, July 14, 2021