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Impinj to Showcase Industry Leading RFID Products at RFID USN Korea 2010

Innovative products redefine performance, ease of use, reliability and cost of ownership.

Seattle, WA December 1, 2010 - Leading UHF Gen 2 radio frequency identification (RFID) technology provider Impinj, Inc. today announced the availability of the Speedway Revolution reader and Indy R500 reader chip to the fast-growing Korean RFID market. The industry-leading products will be showcased in the Impinj booth at the upcoming RFID USN Korea International Exhibition & Conference in Seoul, Korea on December 2-4, 2010.

Speedway Revolution® UHF Reader

Incorporating the company’s innovative Autopilot technology, the Speedway Revolution reader delivers a new standard in RFID reader performance, ease of use, versatility, reliability and cost of ownership. Critical to Speedway Revolution’s outstanding performance and ease of use, Impinj’s patented Autopilot technology continuously and automatically optimizes the reader for its operating environment to deliver peak performance at all times. Because RFID system performance depends upon a multitude of ever-changing environmental conditions (including RF interference levels, tag density in the reader field and ambient RF noise) users configure readers for worst-case scenarios, compromising optimum performance in the process. Autopilot guarantees peak performance while eliminating the need for manual tuning by integrating several innovative features, including:

  • Autoset, which continuously optimizes the reader’s configuration for the best, most reliable performance. Speedway Revolution readers sense levels of RF noise and interference, automatically selecting the appropriate settings.
  • Low duty cycle, which reduces RF interference, power consumption, and energy costs. Speedway Revolution readers only transmit when tags are in the field of view, eliminating unnecessary RF noise.
  • Dynamic antenna switching, which improves throughput and efficiency. Speedway Revolution readers sense where tags are in the field and automatically focus more time on antennas with the largest tag populations in view. For example, if a low-height pallet follows taller pallets through a portal, a Speedway Revolution reader will reduce wasteful time spent on antennas in the upper positions.
  • Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) and support for the standard application interface, EPCglobal Low-Level Reader Protocol (LLRP), Speedway Revolution provides low cost of ownership and easily integrates with leading RFID middleware platforms.

Indy® R500 UHF Reader Chip

Developed specifically to address the emerging market for low-cost hand-held, desktop and embedded RFID readers, the Indy R500 is based on the existing industry-standard Indy architecture. The R500 enables UHF Gen 2 readers with the lowest development times and per unit cost on the market while ensuring the highest standards of quality, reliability and performance inherent in Impinj’s Indy products.

Sharing a common architecture with all members of the Indy reader chip product line, the R500 is drop-in compatible with the high performance Indy R2000. The common architecture employed across the Indy product line significantly benefits RFID hardware vendors because design effort can be reused across multiple development projects addressing different market segments. Designed to meet regulatory requirements in over 100 countries, the Indy R500 also accelerates time-to-market by simplifying attainment of government certifications worldwide.

Impinj’s Indy family of reader chips offers developers advanced radio architecture unmatched in the UHF marketplace. Key features include:

  • An integrated, high-performance VCO that leads the industry with the lowest phase noise, which eases regulatory compliance, improves sensitivity and reduces reader-to-reader interference
  • A coherent IQ demodulator that supports innovative applications like stray read reduction that require a highly stable received signal strength indicator (RSSI) and phase information
  • Advanced, active, carrier cancellation that provides unmatched receive sensitivity despite reflections and varying antenna quality

Impinj’s family of Indy reader chips and development tools allow customers to efficiently develop RFID reader products for a multitude of applications, including retail, manufacturing, asset tracking and access control. With the addition of the Indy R500, Impinj offers the most complete portfolio of reader chip products, spanning a range of performance and price-points to address the expanding demands of the fast-growing UHF RFID market.

The RFID USN Korea International Exhibition & Conference takes place at COEX in Seoul, Korea on December 2-4, 2010. Impinj is located in booth F119.

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

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