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Silver Partner

Perfect ID India Private Limited

Perfect ID is a technology-focused engineering and design company engaged in RAIN RFID products. With 3 production facilities in India and sales offices in the Americas, Italy, Germany, and Dubai, Perfect ID is able to serve customers worldwide.

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About Perfect ID India Private Limited

Perfect ID is a global leader in RFID and IoT-powered digital transformations for businesses across industries. We design products that help our customers take control of their productivity-boosting and efficiency-augmentation objectives by tracking and tracing their business operations right from manufacturing, through the entire supply chain, and all the way up to their customers. Powered by Syrma SGS, a Tandon Group company and global manufacturing leader, Perfect ID is dedicated to turning into account more than 50 years of combined experience in RFID and IoT manufacturing to design and develop products of unparalleled quality and finesse. Our clients use our products for a spectrum of applications including Automatic Toll Collection, asset management, item-level inventory management, garment and laundry tracking, and much more


1701 Directors Blvd Ste 300 Austin, Texas United States 78744

Industry Focus:Other

Impinj Products: Impinj Tag Chips

ARC Certified Designs with Impinj Tag Chips: No

Tag Form Factors Offered: Label/Sticker

Tag OEM Services: Converter

Partner Operates In: APAC EMEA North America

Primary Impinj Partner Network Track: OEM

Authorized Reseller: No

Partner Products

Tag Product
Energy; Manufacturing; Supply Chain & Logistics Tag Product

EDGE 11025 is a RAIN(UHF) RFID hard tag with a slim structure specially optimized for securing metal assets. The tag has been specifically designed for applications ranging from RTIs to other industrial metal assets where chances of impacts are higher.

Impinj ProductImpinj M781

Form Factors OfferedHard

Antenna Width (mm)89

Antenna Height (mm)17

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PID-Flex Tag with Hole
Supply Chain & Logistics Tag Product

PID-Flex Tag Slim, a rugged solution designed to thrive in even the harshest environments. Built with the specific purpose of tracking plastic returnable transit items (RTIs), the PID-Flex Tag is meticulously crafted to withstand rigorous washing processes while maintaining a strong grip on plastic.

Impinj ProductImpinj M781

Form Factors OfferedLabel/Sticker

Antenna Width (mm)70

Antenna Height (mm)14

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PID-Banner Tag
Healthcare & Life Sciences; High-Tech Tag Product

PID Banner Tag is designed for item-level tagging. It can be applied on diverse surfaces and offers excellent performance. For metal assets tagging, the flag part of the tag must be placed outside of metal body.

Impinj ProductImpinj M730

Form Factors OfferedLabel/Sticker; Paper

Antenna Width (mm)42

Antenna Height (mm)21

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Energy; Manufacturing; Supply Chain & Logistics Tag Product

UNI7030 tag is a flexible label that can be stuck on metallic assets, especially for irregular and uneven surfaces; it has good performance on the metal surface and can be printed and encoded by a Industrial printer.

Impinj ProductImpinj M730

Form Factors OfferedLabel/Sticker

Antenna Width (mm)70

Antenna Height (mm)30

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PID-Prime (Windshield Tag)
Air Transportation; Automotive Transportation; Travel & Hospitality Tag Product

The Windshield Tag (PID-R9) is high-performance radio frequency transponder (RFID) designed to be used in automatic vehicle identification application and Designed to be mounted on a glass surface like a windshield, each tag contains a non-changeable unique identification number and is tamperproof.

Impinj ProductImpinj M780; Impinj M781

Form Factors OfferedInlay; Label/Sticker

Antenna Width (mm)67

Antenna Height (mm)18

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