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Delivering Item Intelligence for the Internet of Things

Impinj brings an Internet of Things (IoT) approach to solving business challenges and is a key part of the digital transformation occurring in organizations around the globe. Our platform uses RAIN RFID, wirelessly connecting and networking everyday items, including inventory and assets, to software applications such as ERP systems, inventory control and management systems. Our objective is to bring real-time, accurate data about an item’s unique identity, location and authenticity into the systems that operate a business.

Retail Solutions

Gain inventory visibility that drives sales, improves operations and delights customers

Retailers use Impinj Item Intelligence to optimize store operations, improve inventory availability and develop seamless shopping experiences. Collect valuable analytics that drive informed business decisions.

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Healthcare Solutions

Deliver high-quality care more efficiently

Healthcare providers deploy systems that use Impinj Item Intelligence to track equipment, pharmaceuticals, and even patients to determine equipment location, automate replenishment and improve patient care.

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Transport & Logistics Solutions

Streamline operations and eliminate errors through automation

Impinj Item Intelligence provides key, real-time information about the location of pallets, totes and packages or inventory, parts and assets as they move. Impinj also verifies that the right goods are packed in the right containers headed to the right customers.

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Industrial Manufacturing Solutions

Automate processes and enable
machine-to-machine communication

The Impinj platform enables Industry 4.0 and smart factories where physical processes are machine monitored and machines and products communicate and work together, with humans, in real time.

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Hospitality, Food & Beverage Solutions

Streamline service and delight customers

Reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction with Impinj solutions that add automation and efficiencies to restaurant table service, laundry and linen tracking, food and beverage dispensing equipment, and more.

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More Industry Solutions

Innovation that drives success

The Impinj platform provides a flexible solution to solve many different business challenges. Explore how other companies are achieving digital transformation with the Impinj platform:

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Impinj is the leading provider of RAIN RFID solutions that provide Item Intelligence in retail, pharmaceutical, healthcare, food and beverage, manufacturing and supply chain logistics, and many other industries.