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Beontag is a global business enabler that serves as one of the world’s leading providers of IoT solutions and graphic and label materials.

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About Beontag

With operations in more than 15 countries and a footprint in over 40 markets, the multinational company offers end-to-end product capabilities for a range of industries and businesses, driving seamless communication between companies, products, and people. Beontag’s business is underpinned by modern manufacturing facilities, strategic investments, R&D, and a range of highly qualified teams. Furthermore, the multinational is fully committed to enabling positive impacts across the entire value chain. As a member of the UN Global Compact since 2021, Beontag offers its customers a series of increasingly sustainable products while also working towards a diverse and equitable work environment


R. Iaiá, 77 - Itaim Bibi São Paulo, SP Brazil 04542-908

Industry Focus:Retail

Impinj Products: Impinj Readers and Gateways Impinj Tag Chips

ARC Certified Designs with Impinj Tag Chips: Yes

Tag Form Factors Offered: Inlay, Label/Sticker, Paper, Hard, Specialty

Tag OEM Services: Converter, Inlay Manufacturer, Service Bureau (Print, Encode)

Partner Operates In: APAC EMEA LATAM North America

Primary Impinj Partner Network Track: OEM

Authorized Reseller: Yes

Partner Products

Tag Product
Ironside Classic
Manufacturing; Supply Chain & Logistics Tag Product

The original and synonym of a hard tag for harsh industrial applications. Rubber surface material ensures that mechanical hits are not leaving a mark on the tag. Due to extreme mechanical durability Ironside Classic is a choice for many applications from steel pallets to train wagons.

Impinj ProductImpinj M780; Monza R6-P; Monza 4E; Monza 4QT

Form Factors OfferedHard

Antenna Width (mm)52

Antenna Height (mm)48

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Tag Catalog
Standard inlays and Labels
Tag Catalog

Our standard inlays and labels cover a wide range of designs for UHF and HF frequency bands, serving various applications and industries, including sustainable ECO solutions. They are employed in retail, supply chain, and logistics sectors.

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Specialty Labels
Tag Catalog

Our specialty labels are designed to meet the criteria for more challenging RFID applications, such as UHF and HF frequencies. They are tailored for industrial washing, extreme temperatures or hard-to-tag items in various environments.

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On Metal labels
Tag Catalog

Our On Metal Labels are specially designed for tagging metallic objects and surfaces, ensuring reliability and performance while enabling RFID usage in the most challenging applications. Our on metal label portfolio offers solutions for high-volume retail items as well as more robust ones for indust

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Hard Tags
Tag Catalog

Our broad range of RFID hard tags is designed for challenging and harsh environments typical of industrial settings, as well as logistics and supply-chain applications. Meeting specific requirements and frequency standards, the hard tags ensure maximum resistance, reliability, and protection.

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Sustainable products
Tag Catalog

Our exclusive ECO RFID technology covers multiple applications, with a 100% fiber-based paper tag solution that is plastic-free and recyclable.This environmentally friendly tag maintains high performance and reliability, contributing to a lower carbon footprint as it can be recycled alongside paper

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Partner Solutions

Manufacturing Impinj Tag Chips

New global TireTag is designed for tire traceability throughout the complete tire life-cycle. The tag's small size and omni-directional antenna design provide greater flexibility for both warehouse and yard management applications.

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Asset Management
Supply Chain & Logistics Impinj Tag Chips

Our range of RFID tags is used by retailers and various industries seeking to enhance asset tracking and inventory management, reduce waste, and optimize operations, among other benefits. This technology can be applied to diverse items, assets and packages.

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Mass Market and Retail
Retail Impinj Tag Chips

Our range of RFID tags is employed in the apparel, footwear, and fashion industries, enabling real-time tracking, minimizing stockouts, and optimizing operations, inventory management and supply chain visibility.

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Logistics and Supply Chain
Supply Chain & Logistics Impinj Tag Chips

Our range of RFID tags is used by retailers and various industries seeking to enhance logistics and supply chain management overall, optimize operations and reduce waste, among other benefits. This technology can be applied to diverse items, assets and packages.

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