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Silver Partner

Real Time Intel

Our software provides the real-time data you need to make better supply chain decisions. Leveraging information collected from sensors, we establish visibility, increase operational efficiencies, and reduce costs - transitioning your risk management strategy from reactive to proactive.

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About Real Time Intel

Real Time Intel is an IoT solution provider with deep Supply Chain expertise. We leverage cutting-edge sensor-based technologies (eg. RFID, GPS, Sensors) and provide high-fidelity data necessary to drive new value, optimization, and reduce cost. We deliver a suite of software solutions that leverage unprecedented levels of accurate data from sensors; providing management controls and metrics that drive strategy and continuous improvement. Not only do we unify the supply chain, creating new efficiencies and operational capabilities, but we also unlock capital to reinvest in new business models that enrich your business and customer experiences, build competitive advantage, and support profitable growth.


2400 Leechburg Rd Ste 200 New Kensington, Pennsylvania United States 15068-4673

Industry Focus:Manufacturing

Impinj Products: Impinj Readers and Gateways

Partner Operates In: North America

Primary Impinj Partner Network Track: ISV

Authorized Reseller: Yes

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Partner Products

Vestigo Module | Cross Facility
Supply Chain & Logistics Software

Overview: eP360's Vestigo provides real-time visibility and control of reusable assets (Metal Racks, Bins, Totes, Trays, Pallets) into and out of facilities to/from all trading partners in an organization’s supply chain. Vestigo+ takes it a step further with our patent-pending RFID antenna and reader orientation to validate the sequence of assets loaded at the dock door. User Success Story: One of our clients, a leading provider of RPCs for fresh products, including fruit and vegetables, implemented Vestigo as part of their sustainability focus. By scanning RPC's at various facilities, they can pinpoint how long each asset is dirty, clean, in possession of the grower, utilized by their retail clients, and waiting to be returned. Because of this initiative, they can now calculate complete cycle duration, reduce overall dwell time, minimize wasted cycle days, and improve adherence to food safety considerations.

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Indago Module | In-Facility Asset Management
Supply Chain & Logistics Software

Overview: RTI's eP360 Indago is a sensor-based solution that quite literally puts the ability to easily identify, find, and monitor things of interest in your hands. RFID labels are added to all high-value assets, tools, and fixed locations. Using handheld readers, employees can seek and find assets with a single scan. All assets are cataloged into Indago and constantly updated with their last “seen” location for quicker recovery. Readers at dock doors capture asset intake and departure, creating a real-time inventory database. User Success Story: A tier 1 automotive supplier leveraged Indago to reduce the time they spent looking for tools by 75% - materials no longer needed to be double-handled due to unpackaging and repackaging. In addition, they decreased production losses by 60%, reduced cataloging time from a full day to 20 minutes, and established visibility to offsite movements.

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PFEP Module | Data Hub & Repository
Supply Chain & Logistics Software

Overview: eP360's PFEP serves as the source of truth performing two major activities: packaging plans: gather and track data involved with parts, components, supplies, WIP inventories, raw materials, finished goods, and any other form of material used in your processes. asset movement: based on the plan, what path does the asset take from where it is sourced to where it is used on the production floor. User Success Story: A multinational company was experiencing a general lack of visibility to parts as they moved throughout the supply chain. Historically, these assets were managed manually through excel spreadsheets which caused data accuracy and integrity issues. They struggled to understand the ‘actual' numbers in the execution and were ‘planning’ for operational wastes due to the lack of data and visibility. Their goal was to assemble information from numerous locations and external suppliers while establishing version control and easy access through a single database. As a result, they were able to optimize freight by properly cube out a trailer with the maximum number of containers; they have decreased their need for expendable packaging, reduced labor, and improved turn & dwell predictions - all while improving supplier performance visibility.

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Partner Solutions

eP360 - Enterprise SaaS Supply Chain Solution
Supply Chain & Logistics Impinj Readers and Gateways Impinj Reader Chips and Modules Impinj Tag Chip

eP360 is a suite of Internet-based software solutions delivered to our customers as a SaaS. Each application serves a specific role in managing supply chain information, and each application can be implemented on its own or in conjunction with other eP360 applications.

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