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Streamline, Automate, and Optimize Supply Chain & Logistics with RAIN RFID

Impinj brings the Internet of Things to supply chains for smarter, simpler, more streamlined operations. RAIN RFID empowers all kinds of organizations to do more with less.

Bring IoT to industry supply chains with RAIN RFID

In today’s dynamic world, businesses need to stay agile. Digital transformation brings an advantage for companies that are looking to gain both automation and visibility into their operations. With automated tracking of everything moving in a supply chain, organizations achieve a new level of visualization of the systems that run a business. The Impinj platform uses RAIN RFID, a low-cost, battery-free, wireless technology that extends the IoT to include every thing that supply chain and logistics organizations need to track and manage. Together with our partners, Impinj extends the capabilities of IoT solutions to transform business operations. 


How RAIN RFID solves today’s supply chain challenges 

With RAIN RFID, supply chain and logistics companies can turn a labor shortage into an opportunity to automate processes, simplify training, and streamline operations. They can get the granular data they need to reduce waste, cut CO2 emissions, and meet sustainability goals. They gain end-to-end visibility that makes it easier to see trends and build resilience for what’s on the horizon. 

These capabilities are why nearly all supply chain companies are turning to RFID solutions. That’s according to a new report from Impinj and Supply Chain Dive, “Inventory, Labor and Sustainability: How RFID Solves Today’s Supply Chain Challenges.” 

Supply chain & logistics solutions
built on the Impinj platform

Explore supply chain solutions
Shipment Verification

Gain real-time visibility of goods, improve efficiencies, and reduce shipping errors 

Supply Chain Automation

Leverage accurate, automated, high-speed systems to enable full visibility and control

Product Authentication

Authenticate product automatically at every stage in supply chain to ensure brand trust

Pallet Build Verification

Automate verification to ensure that the right cartons are always on the right pallet

Food Supply Chain Management

Automate traceability for a smarter, safer food system

How supply chain companies use RAIN RFID

Managing inventory and keeping the show on the road with RAIN RFID

Rent-All manages over 260,000 pieces of stage equipment across Europe. Here’s how they track everything automatically with a solution from Aucxis and Impinj. 

Optimizing supply chains with Intelligent Logistics Solutions

Avery Dennison’s suite of RAIN RFID solutions helps businesses drive down costs, grow revenue, and keep ahead of rising consumer expectations. 

Saving on labor, recycling assets, and improving supply chain with Impinj

RAIN RFID helps track and manage supply chain assets at a massive warehouse in California, saving the company time and money.