In a fast-paced global economy, there is little room for mistakes. Organizations still reliant on manual asset management methods—barcodes, spreadsheets, and sticky notes—risk making costly errors that can have big impacts down the line.

Businesses need to know the location, inventory levels, and maintenance records of assets in real time so they can operate efficiently and effectively.



Impinj RAIN RFID solutions automate the management of supply chain and logistics assets, helping you maximize your investment. RAIN RFID is an inexpensive, battery-free technology that wirelessly connects information about an item’s identity, location, and authenticity to business enterprise systems. 

Assets are tracked as they move in and out of areas, and through your warehouse or facility. This lets staff see their location in real time and gain visibility into equipment status for efficient, easy resource planning.

How it Works


Attach Impinj-powered RAIN RFID tags to mobile tools, equipment, and other assets.


Use Impinj readers and gateways installed in doorways and ceilings to wirelessly identify and locate items.


Get accurate, real-time data about assets in your operation delivered to your business software systems.

Use accurate, real-time asset tracking from the Impinj RAIN RFID platform to reduce the cost of asset management by improving equipment utilization, streamlining preventative maintenance, minimizing asset loss, preventing line-down situations, and reducing labor costs related to searching for assets. With real-time, item-level data about every asset in your operations, you can ensure that assets don’t get lost, misplaced, or stolen.

  • Returnable Transport Item (RTI) Tracking
    Track reusable containers to ensure timely returns, adequate inventory, and scheduled maintenance conformance. Automate the RTI management process by sending alerts to internal and external operations personnel of missing, lost, or past-due RTI returns and maintenance.
  • Equipment Tracking
    Preventing line-down situations in the supply chain is challenging. Critical equipment like forklifts, pallet jacks, and bin carts transporting materials must be in good service and available or line-downs and inefficiencies can occur. Manage valuable equipment to increase utilization, manage maintenance, comply with safety requirements and improve efficiency.
  • Tool Tracking
    Track critical tools, gauges, and fixtures to quickly support assembly and logistics operations. Drive efficiency in changeover and maintenance processes with RAIN RFID tagged tools and avoid line-down situations. Ensure you have the tools when you need them.
  • Hazardous Materials Management
    Track hazardous materials to ensure proper handling, orderly storage, and traceability. With accurate and real-time location of these materials, ensuring compliance and personnel safety can be automated. The Impinj RAIN RFID solutions can provide non-conformance alerts when unauthorized movement and storage locations occur.

Impinj (NASDAQ: PI) helps businesses and people analyze, optimize, and innovate by wirelessly connecting billions of everyday things—such as apparel, automobile parts, luggage, and shipments—to the Internet. The Impinj platform uses RAIN RFID to deliver timely data about these everyday things to business and consumer applications, enabling a boundless Internet of Things.

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