Processing laundry and uniforms poses a unique problem: many items look identical but need to be identified and tracked individually. Consider that commercial laundry can feature hundreds of identical-looking uniforms, costumes, linens and towels and tracking inventory starts to look like a mess.

RAIN RFID readers and tags create an automated system to keep track of each individual item, and information like the owner’s name, the way it’s supposed to be washed, where it should be returned, and more— ensuring laundry tracking is a simple, clean process.

How it Works


Sewn-in RAIN RFID tag chips identify each piece individually.


RAIN RFID readers installed over transition points, like doorways, or laundry chutes, read and record tag information.


Laundry systems now include reliable inventory counts and data about the items’ source and status in the cleaning process. Staff can receive alerts when items are mishandled or confirmations of correct delivery.

Automated laundry tracking reduces costly errors while recovering labor for other, more important tasks.

Hotels and resorts use the Impinj platform to track laundry, uniforms and other textiles gaining operational efficiency:

  • Simplify bulk handling of laundry items
    Sorting, handling and counting laundry manually is a time consuming and inaccurate process. Laundry tagged with RAIN RFID can be identified and tracked by client in bulk. And, as a hands-free system, it also eliminates the need for staff to handle soiled or dirty items.
  • Ensure delivery to the correct customer
    Because things like linens, towels, and robes, may look alike from one client to the next, it can be difficult to ensure freshly laundered items end up at the right location. With RAIN RFID uniform and linen tracking, it’s easy to identify the origins of tagged laundry and ensure linens are sent back to the correct client.
  • Clean laundry to standard
    Laundry processes are difficult to keep track of, with certain pieces requiring special treatment. Data about the type of cleaning that has taken place can be encoded into the RAIN tag as actions are completed to guarantee laundry is done to standard every time.
  • Reduce shrink from hotels, spas, and resorts
    Towels, robes, and other items are often removed from the premises by guests. Automated laundry tracking provides a holistic view of inventory so you can check that items are returned after use, and ensure you are compensated when they are not.
  • Return uniforms to the correct owners
    Police and other security forces are identified by their uniforms. Loss or misuse of these items can pose serious threats to safety and create professional challenges. Keep tight control over your facility and ensure items always get returned to the original owner with RAIN RFID laundry tracking.
  • Gain valuable insights to improve your workflow
    Since laundry is handled in bulk it’s difficult to gain perspective on how different types of items are being handled, how tools are used, and how efficiently you are working. RAIN RFID systems deliver key metrics to your management team so you can optimize your work processes and keep your inventory fresh.

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