Following the trend towards outcome-based payments, healthcare providers now more than ever have a financial incentive to provide high-quality care with maximum efficiency. In developing a superior patient experience, providers have to focus on the well-being of their patients, availability of rooms and assets, cleanliness, and compliance with regulations.

By automating the tracking and management of these activities with RAIN RFID solutions, healthcare providers stand to gain valuable time to focus on the quality of their care, not background processes. This includes ensuring patient transport equipment is available when it's needed, delivering better visibility and data around patient-staff interactions, automatically tracking supply usage to eliminate errors, and more. With an integrated, automated RAIN RFID system in place, hospital staff can focus on what matters most — caring for patients.

How it Works


Attach Impinj-powered RAIN RFID tags to items you wish to track such as patients, shared assets such as wheelchairs or commonly used medical supplies.


Place Impinj readers in doorways or hallways to automatically identify items or people that pass through.


The collected data is sent back to hospital management systems to better optimize efficiency and practices.

According to a 2016 survey from Health Leaders Media, the top three patient-focused areas for improvement are patient satisfaction (79%), patient safety (65%), and clinical outcomes (54%).

Discover how hospitals can improve their patient experience with solutions built on the Impinj platform:

  • Increase bed capacity without increasing beds
    Hospitals lose valuable time and revenue when patients leave and their room isn't cleaned and made ready for the next patient quickly. RAIN RFID systems can monitor patient movement and automatically notify environmental services staff when a room is ready for cleaning. Patients get checked-in faster and beds have less down time, which improves revenue capture.
  • Reduce patient wait times for equipment and services
    Where spreadsheets and sticky notes have failed, RAIN RFID-enabled solutions ensure transport equipment and other mobile assets are always easy to find. Automated, integrated RAIN RFID systems not only reduce wait times, but increase workflow efficiency for an overall improved patient experience.
  • Fight hospital-acquired infections
    Without understanding how infections spread, it’s impossible to mitigate their effects. RAIN RFID systems can track time staff spends washing hands, offering valuable insight into staff behavior and policy compliance. With better visibility, policies can be adjusted to fight the spread of infections and keep patients safe.
  • Ensure all hospital supplies are readily available
    Taking inventory of the vast number of supplies, implants, and other devices used is time-consuming, and mistakes may be costly. RAIN RFID automates tracking of supplies, which reduces errors, and lets staff make patient care their primary focus.
  • Automate medication management to reduce costs and waste
    From ensuring that patients get the right medications, to discarding recalled or expired products, to keeping everything stocked, there’s a lot to keep track of where pharmaceuticals are concerned. An automated RAIN RFID solution provides hands-free tracking of all medications to reduce errors, waste, and ultimately overhead costs.




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