Outdated methods for inventory management of medical supplies are time-consuming, labor-intensive and prone to error. RAIN RFID solutions provide real-time visibility into inventory levels, improving utilization and decreasing waste.

Hospital supply chain teams are responsible for ensuring that the right medical supplies are readily available when and where needed. However, many of the systems in use today for supply management are inefficient and do not support these goals.

The Impinj platform uses RAIN RFID technology to provide accurate, real­-time visibility into inventory levels across multiple supply rooms in multiple facilities. Solutions built on the Impinj platform eliminate inefficiencies in the system including stock­outs, over-­ordering, hoarding of supplies, and wasted supplies.

How it Works


Attach Impinj-powered RAIN RFID tags to supplies and medications.


Use Impinj readers or gateways mounted in cabinets, doorways or rooms to wirelessly identify and locate medications and supplies.


See accurate, real-time data about inventory across multiple supply rooms in multiple hospital facilities.

The University of Tennessee Medical Center improved patient charge capture by 30% and increased reimbursement levels by implementing RAIN RFID to track and manage operating room supplies.

Use accurate, real-time supply and inventory data from the Impinj platform to improve accuracy, reduce labor costs and ensure the right supplies are readily available in the right location at the right time:

  • Automate inventory counts for streamlined resupplying
    The management of supplies is often a manual and error-prone process, relying on clinical staff and distracting them from their primary focus of patient care. RAIN RFID can automate these tasks, reduce errors and speed up processes.
  • Eliminate waste from over-ordering and expired medications
    A lack of reliable data about supplies needed for procedures creates substantial overhead due to restocking of unused supplies and the time needed to gather supplies. RAIN RFID delivers accurate, real-time data about supply location, levels and consumption to eliminate waste.
  • Improve patient charge capture
    Inaccurate tracking of consumed supplies can have a direct financial impact on health systems due to incomplete charge capture for procedures. RAIN RFID automates identification of supplies consumed in caring for patients and ensures complete and proper charges for those supplies.
  • Simplify medication management
    Managing medication trays is labor intensive with employees replenishing inventory, checking expiration dates and filling out paperwork multiple times per day. Human errors result in increased waste, costs and risk to patients. RAIN RFID automatically ensures the right medications are available, tracks expiration dates, and captures charges.

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