Self-Diagnostics and Automatic Performance Adjustments

Ideal for events, entertainment and healthcare, Monza S6-C endpoint ICs feature a secure, one-way counter for transit, parking, events and consumables metering. Automatic performance adjustments, self-diagnostics and durable construction methods improve tag quality and reliability while decreasing costs. 

The endpoint layer of the Impinj platform


Monza S6-C Benefits

Secure Counter Capability
Enable innovative applications with a fail-safe on-chip counter

Superior Performance
Unparalleled tag performance and encoding reliability via superior read/write sensitivity

Optimized Performance Features
Includes Enduro, AutoTune and Integra technologies for optimal performance and data integrity


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Key Features

One-Way Counter

Fail-safe counter is optimal for lightweight ticketing and metering applications

Read/Write Sensitivity

Superior read sensitivity of up to -22.1 dBm and write sensitivity of -17.3 dBm

High Speed Encoding

Boasts encoding throughput up to 9,500 tags per minute

Monza Family Overview


With over 15 billion chips sold, Impinj Monza endpoint ICs are the industry standard for RAIN RFID solutions for retail, healthcare and more. The Monza product family connects everyday items to the Internet and provides unique capabilities optimized for specific application needs.


Impinj (NASDAQ: PI) wirelessly connects billions of everyday items such as apparel, medical supplies, and automobile parts to consumer and business applications such as inventory management, patient safety, and asset tracking. The Impinj platform uses RAIN RFID to deliver timely information about these items to the digital world, thereby enabling the Internet of Things.

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