Small Solution with Big Results

As part of a custom solution built with a Speedway reader, the MatchBox antenna is ideal for tight-proximity spaces that need exceptional control in a small zone. The antenna is unobtrusive and can monitor items within cabinets or other small enclosures.

The connectivity layer of the Impinj platform


Why Use MatchBox

Discreet Aesthetics
Diminutive design easily fits behind displays to provide protection for high-value items

Bi-directional, Short-range Coverage
Tight, dual-sided read zone coverage and flexible mounting options

Multi-region Operation
Broadband support for optimal performance globally

Key Features

Compact Design

Compact installation for space-constrained areas; mounts easily into confined spaces

Application Flexibility

Adaptable to situations that require high reliability with a constrained read zone from 0-5 cm

Broadband Support

Performs over a wide range of frequencies that can be used in multiple regions

Antenna Family Overview


Our family of antennas connect to Impinj Speedway readers and support custom solution development for retail, supply chain and logistics, healthcare, and many other industries. The antennas come in an assortment of sizes and enclosures to support proximity, specialized, and distance read zones.


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