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Gold Partner

Microsensys GmbH

We are focused on developing and manufacturing smart wireless components, such as miniaturized transponders, sensor transponders & beacons and smart, stylish mobile readers.

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About Microsensys GmbH

Microsensys operates as a successful company in the field of development and production of technically sophisticated RFID system components. Founded in Erfurt in 1991, Microsensys has developed into the market leader for specialized RFID system solutions based on a broad standard product portfolio in the HF and UHF frequency ranges. With this portfolio, consisting of various RFID transponders, innovative RFID sensor transponders and data loggers as well as smart low-power RFID read/write devices and user-friendly software tools, the high-tech company operates primarily in niche markets worldwide. Miniaturization, new beacon technologies, passive sensor transponders with lower power consumption, special data loggers for temperature monitoring (Steri/Cryo) and intelligent integration methods make wireless sensors an accelerator and basic element of the IoT - join us to expand sustainability of your wireless application


In der Hochstedter Ecke 2 Erfurt, Thüringen Germany 99098

Industry Focus:Manufacturing

Impinj Products: Impinj Readers and Gateways Impinj Reader Chips and Modules

Partner Operates In: EMEA North America

Primary Impinj Partner Network Track: OEM

Authorized Reseller: No

Partner Products

Handheld Reader
iID werarable
Handheld Reader

iID® wearable is one of the newest innovations in microsensys smart mobile wireless data capture. This reader is very useable for mobile data acquisition, asset management and material handling in administration, industry and logistics. Key features: - lightweight and smart design - alerts by vibration, buzzer and LED visualization - scan trigger by motion, button or host controlled - designed for hands free use by wearing at the wrist or by badge holder accessory - easy data transfer to mobile or stationary infrastructure by Bluetooth™ Low Energy interface iID® wearable supports a wide range of different UHF transponder chips with optional sensor functionality.

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Handheld Reader

iID® POCKETwork is one of the newest innovation in microsensys mobile RFID concept. This reader is very useful for mobile data acquisition, asset management and maintenance documentation in administration, industry and logistics. The device supports a wide field of different UHF standards including TELID® sensor functionality for mobile data capturing together with notebooks, tablet PCs and smart phones. It can be used as stand-alone data capture unit or input device as well. microsensys offers an attractive component platform for RFID solutions – from special transponder to optimized software tools.

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iID PENsolid
Handheld Reader

iID® PENsolid is one of microsensys’s mobile RFID devices for wireless data capture. iID® PENsolid comes with patented technology for operation and connectivity with smart mobile devices like smart phones and tablets. Excellent features for mobile use and the touch feature make the device useful for wireless data capture in field service, mobile maintenance as well as process documentation in administration, industry and logistics. iID® PENsolid supports a wide field of different UHF* transponders and sensor transponders (*HF version available as separate device). microsensys offers an attractive component platform for RFID solutions – from transponder over smart readers up to practical software tools.

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iID module U80

microsensys iID® read/write module U80 is designed for miniaturized and customized UHF RFID applications. This device is available with different HOST interfaces as I²C bus or RS232TTL. The module supports both a comfortable set of UHF functions provided in DOC mode as well as configurable SPC mode scripts for standalone operation and data processing. microsensys offers an attractive component platform for RFID solutions – from transponder over smart readers to practical software tools

# of Antenna Ports1

Dimension Length (mm)55

Dimension Width (mm)28

Impinj Reader ChipImpinj E710

Max Output Power (dBm)27

Read Rate100

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