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Lepton3x4 RAIN RFID Reader Module

CAEN’s Lepton3x4 is a compact, four-port reader module, leveraging an Impinj E310 RAIN RFID reader chip for high performance RAIN RFID reading applications. Due to its low power consumption, this small module is specifically designed to be easily integrated in battery powered devices.

Lepton3x4 RAIN RFID Reader Module
  • Category:
    Reader Modules
  • Purpose:
    Low power/mid range readers, handhelds, mobiles, and smart shelves
  • Impinj Product:
    Impinj E310
  • # of Antenna Ports:
  • Dimension Length (mm):
  • Dimension Width (mm):
  • Max Power Output (dBm):
  • Additional Info:

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CAEN RFID designs and manufactures RAIN RFID readers, from module to fixed and mobile. The offering is completed by dual frequency RAIN/NFC loggers.

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High performance RAIN RFID reading for accessories and handhelds

CAEN’s highly effective reader module is built on the Impinj E310 reader chip enabling fast reading speeds, even when used in dense reader and dense tag environments. 

The compact design of the Lepton3x4 makes it well-suited for easy integration inside industrial handhelds, smartphone accessories, and other compact form-factor devices. It complies with both European and US regulatory requirements, simplifying global operations. 

Low power with four antenna ports

Four antenna ports

With four available ports, this reader module offers the flexibility of wide read areas as needed for any compact RAIN RFID reading device. 

Low power consumption

Handhelds and other RAIN RFID reading devices can provide uninterrupted performance due to the low power demands of the Lepton3x4. 

Worldwide regulations support

This versatile module can operate in North America and Europe by supporting multiple regional regulatory standards. 


High performance reading with the flexibility of four antenna ports

This four-port module weighs just 34 grams and measures 60 by 42 millimeters, making it small without compromising performance. This powerful device offers high RAIN RFID read functionality, even in a crowded environment. With 5 milliamps (mA) power consumption in idle mode and 800 mA at 5-volt RF output, this module ensures a RAIN RFID reading device will operate for many hours without requiring recharging. 


Powerful reader modules built on Impinj reader chips

Impinj partner-built reader modules enable device manufacturers to accelerate the time to market by simplifying development, manufacturing, and certification. By choosing a reader module based on your unique size, performance, and feature requirements, you can simplify the development of customized RAIN RFID-enabled devices and IoT solutions, optimize your performance, get to market faster, and build the solution you need with a reader module powered by Impinj.