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Silver Partner


Trace-ID is a leading RFID inlays and tags manufacturer in southern Europe offering RFID consumables powered by Impinj M700, MR6, and M4 series chips.

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About Trace-ID

Trace-ID is a pioneer RFID manufacturer in Europe since 2007. Throughout the years, Trace-ID has gathered expertise and specialized partners, becoming one of the most trusted companies in the RFID industry. Trace-ID supplies RFID consumables in the form of dry inlays, wet and white-wet inlays, smart labels, tickets, stickers, hang tags, and so on. In our catalog, you will find an extensive yet continually expanding range of RFID solutions for use in limitless RFID applications worldwide.



Industry Focus:Manufacturing

Impinj Products: Impinj Readers and Gateways

Partner Operates In: EMEA LATAM

Primary Impinj Partner Network Track: Reseller

Authorized Reseller: Yes

Partner Solutions

Supply Chain & Logistics Tag Chips (Monza)

Trace-ID’s RAIN RFID tag TER17S with Impinj M700 Series Chips was developed to improve the performance of its predecessor and suits RFID solutions for Returnable Transport Units, supply chain, logistics, and inventories. It’s also appropriate for retail items.

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TH-Wing M7
Retail Tag Chips (Monza)

Trace-ID’s RAIN RFID tag TH-Wing M7 with Impinj M700 Series Chips improves the performance of its predecessor and it’s specially designed for apparel and other retail item-level deployments. The TH-Wing M7 shows very high sensitivity and great performance

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Supply Chain & Logistics Tag Chips (Monza)

The UHF RFID tag TER16 Thinpropeller suits RFID solutions for returnable transport units, as well as for the supply chain, logistics, and inventories. On the other hand, it’s also appropriate for industrial automation systems.

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Food & Beverage Tag Chips (Monza)

The UHF RFID tag TH24 Hamtrace was specially designed for RFID labels that will be applied in the meat industry. Specifically for the ham industry. This RFID tag shows excellent performance in environments with high dielectric loads.

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Healthcare & Life Sciences Tag Chips (Monza)

The UHF RFID tag TAR16 Clown is appropriate for retail item-level deployments like apparel traceability or RFID solutions for pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. This RFID inlay TAR16 is also adequate for supply chain and logistics.

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