Wireless production control and supply chain traceability

The Internet of Things is transforming modern manufacturing: The ability to quickly identify and track industrial work-in-progress is critical to quality assurance and accurate order fulfillment.

However, industry reliance on manual checks or barcoded systems often reduces efficiency and leaves room for error.

A RAIN RFID solution can accurately identify and track WIP assemblies, components, and tools faster and with greater accuracy than people or barcodes. RAIN RFID tag chips can also be programmed with useful identifying information, such as a lot number, which makes it easier to find and track specific units in cases of defective or recalled products.

Automate item identification and data capture for smart manufacturing

The NedCard MicroSON®-3 RAIN RFID packaged tag chip, featuring Impinj Monza R6-P endpoint ICs, combines IoT connectivity with advanced track and trace ability in a rugged form factor designed for industrial applications. Manufacturers get a more accurate picture of their operations, from WIP to finished goods, and can use those insights to improve processes and workflows.

The MicroSON®-3 package solution can be embedded into industrial applications via a printed circuit board (PCB) or can be attached directly to an item to provide:

  • Continuous, real-time item visibility of parts and tools throughout the facility
  • Automated tracking for accurate asset and component management
  • Identifying information for improved traceability

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The NedCard MicroSON®-3 RAIN RFID packaged tag chip, featuring Impinj Monza R6-P endpoint ICs

A smarter, more flexible factory floor

High performance RAIN RFID technology enables optimal read range and data rates to achieve the best possible coverage of your factory floor. Incoming parts can be quickly and accurately identified, then prompt certain actions or load specific settings as parts arrive at a manufacturing station. Item tags can also be updated with identifying information like lot numbers or the product number of the completed final assembly for easy verification.

Optimize production with real-time item visibility

RAIN RFID helps manufacturers visualize the entire production process and identify areas for improvement. Movement of goods and assets through a warehouse, material replenishment, and item inventory can all be improved with the data provided by a RAIN RFID system. The AutoTune™ feature from Impinj automatically adapts to changing environmental conditions to assure consistent item visibility.

Improve efficiency and security in the supply chain

Manufacturers often manage multiple suppliers of materials and components. RAIN RFID makes it easier to identify items, verify their authenticity, and ensure they are stored, used, and replaced more efficiently. Password-controlled access provides peace of mind that your assets are secure throughout the supply chain.

Built for demanding industrial applications

The assembly line can be a demanding place to work. The NedCard MicroSON-3 with Impinj Monza R6-P is small and very thin, yet robust enough to withstand harsh industrial processes and temperatures as high as 85°C (185°F).

About NedCard BV

NedCard provides tailored semiconductor package solutions and related assembly and test services for various devices used in smart card, RFID, IoT and other enabling technologies such as security access cards, credit cards, SIM cards, biometrics, inventory management and more. NedCard is a proven supplier of smart card solutions and is expanding its portfolio into RFID technology to meet the needs of the future. MicroSON® is a registered trademark of NedCard BV.



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