Automated mobile medical device tracking saves time and money

The Accruent solution uses Impinj RAIN RFID technology to transform how hospitals track the location and availability of mobile medical equipment. The way hospitals typically collect, clean and redistribute mobile medical equipment wastes staff time, delays equipment availability, and needlessly drives up costs.

With this automated solution, equipment tagged with Impinj RAIN RFID is tracked as it moves around the hospital. Impinj connectivity devices in key areas read the tags and notify the Accruent system to initiate service requests or communicate equipment availability. Because the hospital staff knows where and when equipment is available, they work more efficiently, which reduces costs and lets them spend more time caring for patients.

Reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve patient care

Hospitals that automatically track the movement and availability of mobile medical equipment with the RAIN RFID solution from Accruent and Impinj can help staff locate ready-to-use devices more quickly, make better use of existing equipment, and reduce costly overstocking and delays.

  • Increase staff efficiency with automated work assignments and by making important assets available when and where needed
  • Reduce capital expenses and other costs through better use of existing equipment and improved workflow management
  • Gain transparency and accountability with visibility into tasks, assignments and status
  • Improve patient care by freeing staff time and reducing the wait for equipment

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Accruent mobile interface

Alerts help keep track of equipment usage for improved efficiency.

Increase staff efficiency

With automated mobile medical equipment tracking and distribution, hospital staff members always know when and where to find medical devices that are ready to use, and which devices need to be cleaned and redistributed. The Accruent and Impinj solution increases staff efficiency and improves workflow management by automating work assignments, streamlining tasks, and reducing the time that staff must spend searching for equipment.

Reduce capital expenses and other costs

Because hospital staff can instantly determine the location and availability of medical devices, they no longer hide or hoard equipment. Devices stay in circulation, equipment utilization improves, overstocking is reduced and rental and replacement costs are lowered. Hospital leaders also have clear visibility into every aspect of equipment usage and all associated costs so they can make more informed purchasing decisions.

Gain transparency and accountability

With the automated solution from Accruent and Impinj, hospital supervisors and administrators have clear, real-time visibility into the status and location of all mobile medical devices, when and where they were last used, and who is responsible for collecting, cleaning and distributing them. With greater transparency comes greater accountability, which reduces the number of devices that are misplaced or left unattended.

Improve patient care

When hospitals increase efficiency and reduce costs by automating medical device tracking and distribution, they can refocus more of their spending and staff time on patient care. Making it easier for hospital staff to identify and locate available mobile medical devices also reduces wait times, gives staff more time to interact with patients, and improves the overall experience for both patients and clinicians.




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RAIN RFID chip tags and readers make it easy to track the use and location of expensive medical equipment.

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