Automated asset management reduces costs, improves patient care

With the asset management solution from Conexus and Impinj, hospitals can reduce costs by preventing theft and making optimal use of their assets. And staff can focus on patient care rather than searching for misplaced medical equipment.

This always-on system uses RAIN RFID technology and the Impinj platform to provide valuable, real-time information to end users about equipment location, status, availability and usage history as well as automatic alerts if someone removes equipment or supplies from a medical facility. Hospitals can use the system’s built-in analytics capabilities to gain additional insights that can help them increase efficiency, optimize equipment usage, and lower costs even more.

Reduce costs, prevent theft and optimize equipment usage

The healthcare asset management and optimization solution from Conexus and Impinj helps hospitals locate and track medical equipment more effectively, free staff to focus on patient care, and reduce costs related to stolen or misplaced equipment. 

  • Enable staff to locate equipment efficiently
  • Reduce loss of equipment due to theft or accidental removal
  • Reduce equipment rental costs
  • Make optimal use of existing medical assets

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Enable staff to locate equipment efficiently

Nurses and other hospital staff often spend hours of valuable time searching for medical equipment, which takes time and attention away from patient care and may delay treatment.  With the Conexus and Impinj asset management solution, hospital workers always know the status and availability of each piece of equipment and exactly where to find it.

Reduce loss of equipment due to theft or accidental removal

Hospitals lose millions of dollars every year to theft or accidental removal of medical equipment and supplies by patients, staff and visitors. With automated asset management, hospitals can track equipment and set up alerts that help to prevent theft and other losses that drive up healthcare costs.

Reduce equipment rental and replacement costs

Hospitals often have to replace medical equipment and supplies that are lost or stolen. The expense of purchasing or renting replacement equipment represents a financial loss for the hospital and, ultimately, increases the cost of healthcare for patients. By precisely locating and tracking medical assets, hospitals can reduce the need to rent or purchase expensive replacement equipment.

Make optimal use of existing medical assets

When medical equipment goes missing, it can have a profound effect on both patient care and hospital costs. In addition to hospital staff being forced to waste valuable time searching for misplaced equipment, many assets may be underutilized because they are hard to locate. Automated asset management and optimization helps hospitals ensure the right equipment is always in the right place at the right time.




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Founded in 1994, Conexus is a Veteran Owned Small Business specializing in delivering customized, enterprise-level, real-time location system solutions for healthcare organizations, especially those in the US Federal, State and Local government sectors.



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