Interactive Oak Mirror transforms the fitting room experience

Customer experience is, and will continue to be, a driving force in the future of the physical retail store. The Oak Mirror was developed to create a more elegant, seamless fitting room experience for shoppers and sales associates, while collecting unprecedented data for retailers. The Oak Mirror is a sleek, intuitive touch screen mirror that uses an Impinj reader to detect RAIN RFID tagged merchandise as it enters the fitting room.

Synchronized with the retailer’s inventory system and online catalog, the Oak Mirror can provide intelligent product recommendations and seamlessly connect shoppers with sales professionals through dedicated mobile or wearable devices.

Create magical customer experiences

Differentiating the in-store experience is a constant challenge for retailers. The Oak Mirror is aware of the items the shopper has in the room and allows them to select and request new items without even leaving the room. This is a game changer for retailers and shoppers alike.

Contact Sales

Capture robust in-store data and insights

The Oak Mirror enables the capture of real metrics around customer behavior, sales associate efficiencies and merchandise productivity from within the fitting room. Understand how long shoppers are spending in the fitting room, what items are being tried on and converting (or not), and what fitting room session attributes most frequently lead to conversion.

Empower sales associates

By providing associates with tools to know when shoppers require help and view items currently behind the curtain, Oak technologies empower them to make more meaningful and critical connections with their clients.




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Woman interacting with Oak Labs mirror

Engaging in-store experiences make shopping memorable and exciting.

About Oak Labs

Founded in early 2015 by Healey Cypher, Michael Franklin, Darren Endo and Flynn Joffray, Oak Labs was developed to beautifully embed technology into brick-and-mortar stores and bring the best of online into the physical world. Created with seasoned veterans in retail, e-commerce, technology, finance, manufacturing and design experience at Google, eBay, PayPal, Blackstone, Gap and Microsoft, Oak Labs’ infuses the best technologies into the physical world with a simple philosophy: in-store experience and human interactions come first; tech comes second. The Oak Mirror, the first iteration of the company’s immersive retail experience, was first launch with Polo Ralph Lauren and is being rolled-out in retail locations internationally. 


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