Increase audit efficiency with automated tracking

Maintaining high-value IT assets shouldn’t take days or weeks with reconciliation ten times that. Manual inventory audits are one of the major costs associated with IT asset maintenance. When you need to maintain high-value inventory over large spaces, there isn’t room for error that costs both resources and time. With RAIN RFID tags used in conjunction with Asset Vue Inventory software, items are tracked automatically in real-time so IT professionals can eliminate costly manual audits and increase visibility over all of their assets.

Fully visible data centers through RAIN RFID and Asset Vue

Knowing more about your inventory frees up time and resources that IT managers can redistribute however they want. Items equipped with RAIN RFID tags that communicate with Asset Vue software allow users to access real-time location data on any tagged asset throughout their facilities.

Gain insight into your inventory to reduce costs

Knowing the accurate location of your assets is critical to managing costs. For instance, ghost servers, servers not active but using power, can account for up to 40% increase in data center power consumption. Not having clear visibility of your inventory and assets can cost you money. Upon implementation of RAIN RFID and Asset Vue, one data center saved approximately 80 kW annually by identifying and removing their ghost servers.


Real-time rich data increases asset visibility and understanding of assets

You don't only know where your items are, with RAIN RFID you can identify items through layers of important information. Using Asset Vue Inventory software, IT professionals can track when items need maintenance, when warranties are expiring, and an asset's current status for more accurate depreciation tax reporting. Asset Vue Inventory tracking of where assets were purchased, where and when they were moved, and where they are in use right now can provide any organization with a wide variety of benefits, from increased security to more accurate tax reporting.


Tailor-made system to meet your goals

Asset Vue is not just about software, it's about a complete system. Asset Vue takes a holistic approach to develop solutions that are both cost-effective and flexible. Deploy only what you need, knowing that if you need more, you can implement it quickly and easily.


Asset Vue software

As a web-based application, Asset Vue Inventory can be deployed in a new environment quickly and can scale up on demand. It is cloud-based, so requires no ongoing hosting management or monitoring from your team. Any size IT department or data center can use Asset Vue Inventory to get a better accounting of the assets in a specific room, building, and across any multi-location organization.

About Asset Vue, LLC

Asset Vue, LLC is a Paoli, Pennsylvania-based provider of RFID based asset management and data center management services and solutions. The company offers technology designed to solve the challenge of maintaining asset and inventory information and keeping it up to date. Asset Vue's technology and service solutions provide our customers with a comprehensive solution that enables them to maintain control of and track assets through its lifecycle as no other tools do.


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