Get more from your RTLS platform with RAIN RFID

Though RTLS-enabled visibility and analytics offer a powerful solution for managing assets, not every asset management use case needs or can support the use of active RFID tags. Assets might be too small to be tracked with an active tag, or insufficiently mobile to warrant one. Or the location that requires monitoring may be unsuitable for active's Wi-Fi infrastructure.

Hospital administrators and clinicians need an additional way to efficiently locate many types of assets, capture and analyze valuable inventory data, and generate alerts when assets pass through potential loss areas.

Improve asset utilization, availability, and efficiency with RAIN RFID

The Impinj and STANLEY Healthcare solution provide an efficient answer to these healthcare challenges. By using RAIN RFID tags, hospitals can tap into the size and cost advantages of passive tags through STANLEY Healthcare's enterprise platform-with the same alerts, maps and reports that you use with MobileView®.

Now you can seamlessly locate tagged assets across the enterprise using RAIN RFID readers and gateways at strategic locations or chokepoints. These readers provide location data for the assets-data that enables staff to find assets, account for valuable capital inventory, manage inventories of equipment, and receive real-time alerts about potential loss events.

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Easily inventory assets and improve their availability

By retaining the last known location of the tagged assets in the MobileView platform, the RAIN RFID solution provides inventory location information for assets across the facility. This perpetual inventory not only provides location data to help staff locate assets but also provides an efficient method to account for equipment inventories.

Locate items before they go missing

Small items like telemetry packs and other clinical assets can get lost when patient rooms are cleaned. With RAIN RFID readers and gateways installed at egress points, staff receive alerts as tagged assets cross through these areasenabling real-time reaction to shrinkage events.

Automate PAR levels to improve inventory availability

With this solution, RAIN RFID readers record which tagged assets are taken off of or placed on shelves in clean or soiled utility rooms. When combined with powerful visual analytics dashboards that quickly show PAR level status, your hospital gains access to operational insights for immediate action-along with historical information for trend analysis.


About STANLEY Healthcare

STANLEY Healthcare is a recognized leader in visibility and analytics solutions that transform safety, security and operational efficiency for senior living organizations, hospitals and health systems.  Our solutions enable customers to achieve organizational excellence and superior care in five critical areas: Security and protection, patient and resident safety, clinical operations and workflow, environmental monitoring, and asset management. STANLEY Healthcare is an operating division of Stanley Black & Decker, a Fortune 500 company with a track record of innovation and sustained profitable growths.


Impinj (NASDAQ: PI) helps businesses and people analyze, optimize, and innovate by wirelessly connecting billions of everyday things—such as apparel, automobile parts, luggage, and shipments—to the Internet. The Impinj platform uses RAIN RFID to deliver timely data about these everyday things to business and consumer applications, enabling a boundless Internet of Things.

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