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Positek RFID Improves Textile Rental & Maintenance with RAIN RFID Tracking

By tracking linens and uniforms with sewn-in RAIN RFID labels throughout their life cycle, companies can improve textile management and customer satisfaction.

Uniquely identify and track every textile asset and uniform

Linens, uniforms, and other textile assets are important and expensive investments to a wide range of companies. But manually tracking and sorting all of these linens is a labor-intensive and inefficient process, while keeping track of each linen’s maximum number of uses can pose an additional challenge.

Positek RFID’s TextileTrack solution serves companies in linen and uniform rental and maintenance operations by bringing together all of the components needed to generate accurate, reliable tracking for textile management. This solution leverages the Impinj platform to automatically and accurately track each asset while avoiding the challenges and inaccuracies of manual tracking.

Positek RFID Textile Track solution at work

Automate tracking, sorting, and termination

By leveraging RAIN RFID technology in their flexible laundry tags for real-time tracking and visibility, the Positek RFID Textile Tracking solution enables the complete management of textile assets and uniforms so that companies can accurately track, sort, and reuse these textile assets from the beginning of each workflow to the end of their life cycle. 

Each linen is embedded with a flexible sewn-in RAIN RFID tag, assigning each item a unique digital identification. Impinj RAIN RFID readers are placed at key transition points within the operations to track the movement and manage linens through the laundry cycle and throughout the life of the asset.

This unique RAIN RFID textile identification enables companies to:

  • Maintain accurate inventory amounts
  • Identify current location or status in the laundry cycle
  • Track the number of cleanings and uses to date
  • Easily sort and assign delivery
  • Increase productivity and reduce labor costs
  • Identify repairs, reducing late pieces
  • Increase sortation rate per operator hour

Track each asset for its entire life cycle

Whether it’s a bedsheet, uniform, or another textile asset, this solution tracks both the number of uses and the number of cleaning cycles each linen goes through. By tracking each linen’s usage, the Positek RFID and Impinj solution helps ensure that every linen is used to its full potential—and that once an item reaches its maximum number of uses, it can be disposed of appropriately.

Save time and labor through automation

Since each linen is individually tagged and labeled, sorting by type, size, or other factors can be done quickly and automatically at different stages in the laundry cycle, saving hours of labor. Inventory counts can be done quickly and accurately for single, packaged, or bulk items. Automating data collection using RAIN RFID gives companies insight into their linen consumption, helping them predict future needs, while the real-time inventory data helps ensure that they have appropriate inventory on hand and drives efficiency in the operational processes.

Gain real-time visibility and eliminate loss

The Positek RFID and Impinj solution provides companies with real-time data on linen location and status. This item visibility helps track where in the laundry cycle different linens are, the last location, who had previous custody, and the usage and laundry history. This solution helps maintain relationships between customers and laundries by improving customer experience with accurate, on-time delivery and real-time data on the location of their textile assets.

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Thursday, May 27, 2021


Positek RFID, Inc.

Positek RFID, Inc.

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