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Nedap Helps Retailers Prevent Shrink While Offering a Seamless Shopping Experience

Nedap’s iD Cloud Loss Prevention solution uses RAIN RFID to help retailers detect, quantify, and prevent loss, while offering a welcoming shopping experience.

Preventing shrink and shopper inconvenience

Retail shrink affects everyone, as losses are reflected in the cost and availability of consumer goods. However, many methods of defending against theft can feel intrusive or frustrating for shoppers and retail employees alike. Awkwardly placed hard tags, tied-down or locked-up merchandise, and similar measures can have a negative impact on the customer experience.

Today’s shoppers want convenience, hassle-free self-checkout, simple returns, and easy online shopping with the option to buy online and pick up in store. Adapting to these demands can be challenging for brick-and-mortar retailers — the more seamless it is to shop in a store, the greater the risks are for theft and fraud.

Most retailers today don’t have full visibility into what was lost, an understanding of how and when loss events occur, or data-based insights to better protect their assets for the future. They are facing increasing challenges meeting customers’ needs and trying to keep their shrink under control. Impinj gold partner, Nedap’s iD Cloud Loss Prevention RAIN RFID solution gives retailers the ability to do both.

An invisible solution that sees all

Nedap’s iD Cloud Loss Prevention solution is the combination of a state-of-the-art RAIN RFID electronic article surveillance (EAS) system and a powerful data analytics platform. The solution enables retailers to track every unique item at critical areas in their stores, like the point-of-sale, fitting rooms, or the store entrance and exit with the use of RAIN RFID technology. The smart algorithm of iD Cloud Loss Prevention can automatically detect suspicious situations or possible ORC (Organized Retail Crime) attacks such as bulk items in a fitting room, multiple articles leaving the store at the same time, items leaving outside of store hours, and fraudulent return activity. In addition, it can identify items that are more likely to be stolen.

The solution is invisible to customers, allowing an open, inviting shopping experience while controlling shrink. All RAIN RFID-tagged merchandise is tracked by fixed readers placed in key areas throughout the store. The iD Top, powered by Impinj E710 RAIN RFID reader chips, can easily be mounted on the wall or on the ceiling. Its compact, clean design blends into every store, keeping the entrance and environment of the store open and more welcoming to shoppers.

A RAIN RFID-based EAS solution for seamless shopping without shrink

An advancement from traditional EAS setups that only alarm on tags to an intelligent system that enables loss prevention with full visibility into inventory striving for zero loss, and seamless shopping experiences without shrink. 

The Nedap iD Cloud Loss Prevention solution enables retailers with an omnichannel-ready loss prevention strategy, utilizing real-time visibility into the status of items. With this data insight, retailers can provide customers with flexible checkout options, without compromising merchandise security and shopper convenience.

The iD Cloud Loss Prevention leverages RAIN RFID to:

Capture item-level data in real time
Gather item-level data about each tagged item and make it available to retailers in real time. Track and know whether an item has been paid for or not as it passes through point-of-sale and store entrance and exit doors.

Advance stores from traditional alarm-only information to item-level visibility
Evolve store loss prevention, widening the scope for retailers from combatting in-store theft to becoming an omnichannel enabler and profit protector.

Detect patterns and identify possible loss
Analyze and recognize data patterns and spot anomalies, assisting retailers in preventing future losses and minimizing shrink. The solution’s smart algorithm can automatically detect suspicious events, and help retailers better understand challenging shrink situations.

Alert staff to theft, with actionable data
Alarm and alert of a loss or a possible event, and provide store personnel with information identifying the specific items that were taken, and where and when the loss happened. With this information, retailers can more quickly account for missing inventory and prevent future theft.

Provide inventory visibility from an out of sight source
Fit stores with compact, unobtrusive iD Top fixed RFID readers to take the place of larger EAS gateways at store entrance and exit doors, and strategic read points within the store. Provide a welcoming store environment with loss prevention that customers won’t notice.

Enable the experiences that shoppers want
Digitally transform loss prevention with real-time item-level visibility driven by RAIN RFID chips rather than traditional technology and EAS hard tags.  With RAIN RFID-enabled insight, retailers can have omnichannel-ready stores, and offer the shopping experiences that today’s customers expect.

Thursday, August 4, 2022


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