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Smart Resturant Table Service With RAIN RFID

Fast food establishments quickly locate customers to deliver orders with the RAIN RFID table service solution from Impinj and Frequentiel.

Smart service for the fast food industry 

Serving millions of customers is no easy feat, but with the addition of RAIN RFID enabled table service, fast food and fast casual restaurants can do just that.  With the ability to pinpoint exact customer locations, the RAIN RFID solution from Impinj and Frequentiel lets customers order and then take a seat, bringing traditional table service to fast food establishments. 

Beyond elevating the fast food experience, this RAIN RFID solution enables better service, helps streamline employee workflows, and ensures customers can relax with the knowledge that their orders will be presented hot, and ready to eat. 

A bustling fast-food restaurant scene where a staff member in a black uniform with a

Delighting diners with smart solutions

The Impinj and Frequentiel solution lets restaurants focus on providing outstanding customer service with RAIN RFID enabled table service:

  • Ensures the correct orders are delivered to the correct table in a timely manner
  • Reduces standing time for customers who can choose seats with the guarantee that employees will be able to find them
  • Simplifies the serving process for more relaxed, positive customer-staff interactions

Deliver excellent customer service, every time

Customers want their food fast, fresh and at the right temperature. The Impinj and Frequentiel table service (SAT) solution allows staff to pinpoint the location of restaurant customersindoors or outdoors in real-time and serve them directly at the table. The solution facilitates the day-to-day work of restaurant staff, especially during peak periods, increasing productivity and the ability to serve more customers.

Real-time visibility to customer location

Customers place orders at a self-service kiosk and then take a RAIN RFID card to their table. Impinj gateways installed overhead in the dining room monitor the location of the customer’s RAIN RFID card. Frequentiel’s OCTO+ software uses the data collected by the gateways to identify the customer location on a touchscreen map in the kitchen. Restaurant staff sees the location of the waiting customer in real-time on the map and delivers food without delay.

Reduce staff stress, increase customer satisfaction 

The Impinj and Frequentiel SAT solution gives crew members the tools to serve their customers without stress. The simple, intuitive map interface eliminates time looking for customers. As a result, customers spend less time waiting for orders. With a simplified ordering process, managers see restaurant productivity and profitability rise, along with customer satisfaction.

Easy to integrate, easy to install

The Impinj + Frequentiel solution is easy to integrate into existing restaurant operations. It can be installed in less than a day, outside peak hours.

Monday, May 15, 2017




Created in 2007, Frequentiel is one of the leading integrators of RFID solutions in Europe. Frequentiel manages all the problems of a project from the feasibility study to the deployment and the maintenance of the solution. OCTO +, the software solution published by Frequentiel, enables rapid implementation of projects thanks to its middleware and traceability solution modules.

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