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Cutting-Edge Asset Tracking for High Tech, Biotech, and Pharmaceutical Labs

AssetGather, powered by RAIN RFID, automatically tracks every asset in the most critical laboratory environments.

AssetGather is a RAIN RFID-powered asset tracking solution developed by AssetPulse that promises to bring failsafe traceability of critical tools and equipment to the laboratory workspace.

In the labs of biotech, pharmaceutical, and high-tech enterprises, along with other research organizations, tracking assets can be an enormous undertaking. Even a temporary loss of assets can be costly and slow down the testing and subsequent release of a product when the right asset is not available as needed. Assets moving from one part of a facility to another must be tracked carefully to ensure their availability when needed. Not only tools and other equipment, but important or sensitive documents,  IT assets, and test and measurement equipment are tracked as visibility is made a priority throughout the workplace.

The costs associated with loss of assets can be enormous

Companies invest millions of dollars in equipping labs, regardless of the type. It is important to know the most accurate inventory count and location of every asset, otherwise scientists, engineers or medical personnel may waste valuable time locating this equipment. 

Across all industries, and specifically within the biomedical device or pharmaceutical fields, asset visibility is crucial. It is essential that lab managers adhere to numerous regulatory compliances to ensure product integrity, including proper instrument calibration in a timely manner. A tool or other lab equipment that hasn’t been properly maintained or calibrated can lead to the nullification of all research and development work performed with that asset. 

Lab equipment must be regularly calibrated to earn a calibration certificate, which is mandatory before the equipment can be used in R&D labs. As with any manual process, keeping track of calibration certificates and calibration due dates is subject to human error.

RAIN RFID readers throughout facilities track every asset in real time 

To combat asset loss more effectively, Impinj gold partner AssetPulse has incorporated the Impinj R700 RAIN RFID reader into its AssetGather solution, enabling real time tracking of every critical asset. 

Tool and equipment assets used to assemble devices are tagged individually with RAIN RFID tags. Readers are strategically installed at exits and throughout the desired area of coverage, and at choke points within a lab facility. Additional readers are placed on shelves,  cages, and cabinets to provide comprehensive tracking of all assets wherever they may be.

RAIN RFID readers track every asset in real time, providing visibility that enables a high level of asset management and efficiency. Additionally, the AssetPulse asset tracking system facilitates the entire equipment calibration process – from determining which assets need calibration, to physically locating them, to processing the post-calibration paperwork, therefore making audits easier. 

RAIN RFID readers capture real time tracking data that can:

  • Protect corporate assets and investment
  • Locate specific equipment and tools in R&D labs and facilities
  • Eliminate need to lease or purchase new equipment because it cannot be located
  • Improve asset utilization
  • Automate check-in and checkout of equipment
  • Monitor test and measurement equipment
  • Maintain capital and non-capital assets for needed maintenance and calibration

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Monday, April 11, 2022




AssetPulse offers complete RFID and other IoT-based asset tracking solutions to help organizations track, control, and maintain their assets in order to gain peak operational efficiency.

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