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Hospital Inventory Management

Reduce operational costs and improve workflow through real-time, accurate and automated inventory management with the RAIN RFID solution from ARC and Impinj.

Reduce spending on medical supplies, while delivering high-quality care

The ARC Healthcare Technologies inventory management system uses the Impinj platform to help hospitals reduce overall expenditures for medical supplies, and continue to make the right supplies available when and where they are needed for high-quality patient care, while complying with all relevant regulations.

The integrated solution uses a variety of RAIN RFID readers to monitor key locations—from entire supply rooms to specific shelves—and continuously track medical supplies within the hospital. The solution also tracks individual items equipped with RAIN RFID tags and sends data about their identity, location and status to the inventory management system, providing staff with real time information about all medical supplies in the hospital.

Reduce waste, lower costs and improve patient care with RAIN RFID

The inventory management solution from ARC Healthcare Technologies and Impinj helps hospitals reduce the amount of money they spend on medical supplies while continuing to provide high-quality patient care. Hospitals use the solution to reduce waste, and increase staff and supply-chain efficiency, and charge more accurately for the medical supplies they use.

The image showcases a user-friendly analytics dashboard from Impinj, reflecting the company
Pertinent data is captured and displayed in easy-to-use enterprise applications.
  • Reduce medical supply expenditures and overall inventory costs with actionable and accurate data about medical supply usage
  • Increase efficiency by automating replenishment processes and reducing the time needed for supply-chain and clinical staff to locate medical supplies
  • Reduce waste with real-time inventory visibility that lets staff instantly identify and locate expired, expiring or recalled medical supplies
  • Improve cost-efficiency and reduce financial losses by capturing more accurate charge information for billing purposes

Reduce medical supply expenditures and overall inventory costs

Today, when the cost of delivering high-quality patient care is drawing increased scrutiny from government regulators, insurance companies and patient-advocacy groups, hospitals need to reduce medical supply expenditures and other inventory costs without compromising health services. By providing accurate data about how medical supplies are actually being used, the solution from ARC and Impinj helps hospitals manage inventory with greater precision and less expense.

The image displays a well-organized medical supply cabinet, open and revealing numerous labeled
The ARC Healthcare smart supply cabinet helps hospitals operate more efficiently.

Increase staff and supply-chain efficiency

Two of the things that drive up hospital costs are the time that clinical staff members spend searching for misplaced medical supplies, and the expense that results when they can’t find those items and end up ordering unneeded replacement supplies. By automating replenishment processes and reducing the time required for supply-chain and clinical staff to locate medical supplies, the solution increases efficiency across the entire health system.

Reduce waste with real-time inventory visibility

Medical supplies that expire while on hospital shelves, or those subject to one of the many recalls issued each year, contribute to overall higher inventory costs. If they are undetected before being used in a clinical setting, they may also put patients at risk. With automated inventory management from ARC and Impinj, staff can instantly identify and locate expired, expiring or recalled supplies and ensure they never reach patients.

Improve cost-efficiency and reduce financial losses

If medical supplies are not closely monitored, and properly recorded after they are used, they can lead to incorrect billing and result in ongoing financial losses for the hospital. With automated inventory management, hospitals can automatically capture accurate charge information, recover a larger percentage of their expenses, and make sure the cost of medical supplies is appropriately allocated.


Tuesday, January 31, 2017


ARC Healthcare Technologies

ARC Healthcare Technologies

Inventory Management. Simplified. ARC Healthcare Technologies (ARC) Team has collectively accrued over 100 years of industry experience and innovation designing inventory management solutions for the most cost-sensitive industries in the world.

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