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TopGolf Transforms Golf Driving Ranges with RAIN RFID

Impinj RAIN RFID enables TopGolf to radically transform the traditional golf game into an exciting, interactive competition amongst friends and family.

TopGolf tracks player performance with RAIN RFID golf balls

TopGolf’s founders created a unique golfing experience that is both authentic and accessible for all types of players. To do this, they created an authentic golf game that automatically measures distance and keeps score. With the Impinj platform, TopGolf delivers:

  • Visibility into each drive’s stats, including precise measurement of distance and shot accuracy
  • Fast, automated scoring and recording of player information
  • Unique games for players of all skill levels

TopGolf uses RAIN RFID to automate golf scoring 

TopGolf chose an Impinj RAIN RFID solution for their driving range facility to increase information available to customers and to make a trip to the driving range more fun and interesting. One of the exciting features of TopGolf’s innovative games is that a player’s score for each shot can vary based on past shots. For example, by hitting targets consecutively players can double their score, or lose points, depending on the game they’re playing. Thus, the technology TopGolf chose needed to be sophisticated enough to remember all the targets hit by each player.

For TopGolf, the Impinj platform combined to create the perfect system for their games:

  • At the tee, Callaway Golf balls are dispensed when active players wave their golf clubs in front of a motion sensor
  • Monza RAIN RFID tag chip embedded inside the ball is read, associated with the player and activated for play
  • Players hit the balls at target greens which are holes in the ground that, much like a dart board, are divided into sub-targets that make up different scoring zones
  • Speedway readers monitor each of these sub-targets, approximately 600-700 read points throughout a complex keeping track of where the ball hits and automatically giving players the correct score

Impinj technology has been very stable and reliable as the backbone of TopGolf’s cutting edge game play system. Impinj's technical support team is equally as reliable, responding to and resolving any issue or question quickly and effectively.

Chris Wagner Research and Development Engineer, TopGolf

TopGolf keeps players immersed in innovative games, not stuck tallying points

Powerful record keeping for thousands of player scores
This system keeps track of the scores of approximately 550 people when a complex is at capacity, each with 20 shots to record.  The RAIN RFID system can manage over 10,000 ball reads per hour.

Automated, accurate scoring for a simple playing experience
By automatically keeping score, TopGolf makes it easy for customers to stay immersed in the game, not caught up in the rules. The Impinj platform provides the data needed for the reliable scoring TopGolf provides to keep customers coming back.

Creating new games for all player skill levels
With RAIN RFID’s ability to measure and score shots, TopGolf can craft unique games for players of all skill levels. That also means players get an extra competitive incentive to improve, as the game can automatically adjust as their skill grows.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Top Golf

Founded in 2000, TopGolf is a global sports entertainment community headquartered in Dallas, Texas. TopGolf sought to revolutionize the way golf is played, offering a premier entertainment complex like no other with innovative games that incorporate elements of golf, darts, and even bowling. With more than 40 locations, TopGolf entertains over 13 million guests annually.

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